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2. No code adoption is changing how teams at work. How did Heather solve this problem? She work, leading to better outcomes leveraged no code—a way of working that marketing leaders are increasingly likely to adopt. Making movies is tough. Just ask Heather Mayer, marketing manager at Panavision, a leading provider of camera equipment that supports the production of movies and screen plays around the world. Heather was spending 20 hours a week researching movie release dates to keep her team on track as deadlines continued to change—especially through the heights of the pandemic. “You can imagine through 2020 and 2021, movie release dates were changing all the time and it was impossible for a human who is just looking things up on IMDB to keep track,” Heather told Airtable. Heather is not alone. This report found the average marketing leader spends 10 hours per week on manual, operational tasks, and the ability to build truly custom solutions for very specific needs not only saves time, but can also lead to greater satisfaction and happiness Heather Mayer, Marketing Manager at Panavision The culture you create when you solve your Defining no code for marketers own problems No code and low code tools enable innovative workers to build workflows, create assets, and analyze data with No code enables greater empowerment and autonomy little or no coding required. The same way that Canva at the edge of organizations, letting folks solve unique enables anyone to create beautiful designs, Airtable problems in a way that makes sense for their teams— enables marketing teams to connect and automate work. without relying on technical expertise. This report shows that more and more marketing teams are adopting no If you’re new to the concept of no code marketing, code technologies and, in doing so, they’re transforming discover more about how it benefits employee their culture to one of adaptability and agility. engagement and how to introduce it at large Specifically, 59% of respondents who use no code organizations in this Airtable blog post featuring said that the adoption has made them more adaptable Panavision and Scott Brinker. to changing business needs, and 54% cited tool customization, made possible through no code, as a key benefit. Without no code tools, managing ever-changing data points and marketing conditions typically leads to more manual work. With no code, those closest to the work are empowered to build and evolve processes so the organization can quickly adapt to change without breaking stride. 20 Airtable 2022 Marketing trends report

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