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4 ALASKA AIRLINES BRAND GUIDELINES The Alaska Wordmark MAKE YOUR (WORD)MARK. The Contextual Wordmark: use it in airport environments, in aircraft, on aircraft and on our digital channels. These are all arenas where it’s pretty easy to figure out we’re an airline, so we don’t need to say it. The Official Wordmark: use it everywhere else. Use the Midnight or White logo for core branded creative. The logo can be shown in Atlas or Breeze when used in the context of the “Fly Smart. Land Happy.” campaign, only when it makes sense to match the logo color to the type color. Follow clear space guidance. Don’t: • Alter, rotate or modify it. • Animate it. • Surround it with other designs. • Accessorize it with extra elements like speech bubbles. • Anthropomorphize it. • Overemphasize it. • Use previous versions of it. Contextual Official

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