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Alaska Airlines Brand Book

Alaska Airlines is a major American airline headquartered in SeaTac, Washington, within the Seattle metropolitan area. It is the sixth largest airline in North America.

1 ALASKA AIRLINES BRAND GUIDELINES Brand Guidelines Updated July 2019

2 ALASKA AIRLINES BRAND GUIDELINES Welcome to the Alaska Airlines Brand Guidelines. This is where you’ll find the best practices for the Alaska brand. Use it as your guide when creating remarkable content. Throughout these pages, you’ll find links to external resources that are living documents containing our most up-to-date information. Need more? Visit to request a project, find links to our most used creative assets or for assistance using this guide.

3 ALASKA AIRLINES BRAND GUIDELINES Table of Contents 4 Wordmark / Logo Use 10 Color 12 Aura 13 Typography 17 Photography 18 Iconography 20 Route Map 21 Voice & Tone 22 Campaign Guidelines 23 Resources

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4 ALASKA AIRLINES BRAND GUIDELINES The Alaska Wordmark MAKE YOUR (WORD)MARK. The Contextual Wordmark: use it in airport environments, in aircraft, on aircraft and on our digital channels. These are all arenas where it’s pretty easy to figure out we’re an airline, so we don’t need to say it. The Official Wordmark: use it everywhere else. Use the Midnight or White logo for core branded creative. The logo can be shown in Atlas or Breeze when used in the context of the “Fly Smart. Land Happy.” campaign, only when it makes sense to match the logo color to the type color. Follow clear space guidance. Don’t: • Alter, rotate or modify it. • Animate it. • Surround it with other designs. • Accessorize it with extra elements like speech bubbles. • Anthropomorphize it. • Overemphasize it. • Use previous versions of it. Contextual Official

5 ALASKA AIRLINES BRAND GUIDELINES x x x x x x x x x x The Alaska Wordmark GIVE ME SOME SPACE. Our wordmark works best when it has some breathing room, so surround it with wide open spaces. The amount of unobstructed clear space that must surround the wordmark is at least 1X, where X equals the ascender of the “k” in the wordmark. The clear space should always be away from all elements of the wordmark, except for the ®. Don’t go smaller than 54 pixels wide so we can maintain visual impact. Wordmark: .75 inch / 19 mm / 54 px Wordmark: .75 inch / 19 mm / 54 px

6 ALASKA AIRLINES BRAND GUIDELINES The Alaska Wordmark THIS SIZE FLIES. To get the ® the right size, use a size-appropriate version of the Alaska wordmark. We’re showing the contextual wordmark only as the example. But sizing and basic naming structure are the same for both our contextual and official wordmarks. Large Medium Small Very small

7 ALASKA AIRLINES BRAND GUIDELINES The Alaska Wordmark IN GOOD COMPANY The Alaska wordmark is sometimes used to identify internal groups or showcase a partnership with third parties. With internal efforts and branded product offerings, Alaska remains the hero while the qualifier supports below. With third-party partnerships, Alaska remains left and a line / pipe separates the two logos. In flight Enterprise Project Management O ce

8 ALASKA AIRLINES BRAND GUIDELINES The Brand Ambassador GO THE EXTRA SMILE. We go full color with our Brand Ambassador when we need a bold brand impact. Touchpoints include: • Business cards • Liveries • Executive presentations We go with our watermark Brand Ambassador when we want an emotional backdrop for the brand and we’re trying to drum up some inspiration. Clear space The minimum amount of unobstructed clear space that must always surround the ruff should be at least 1X, where X equals the width of the smile. Don’t go smaller than 59 pixels wide so we can maintain visual impact. The face must always face to the left. (The livery tail is the only exception.) The face must always be cropped and anchored as shown, never floating. Watermark Full-color Remove if right side is cropped Remove if right side is cropped Crop guidelines Crop guidelines Breeze Blue Midnight Blue Calm Blue 100% Opaque White Tropical Green Atlas Blue 75% of White 75% of White 82% of White 51% of White x x x x Crop guidelines .64 inch / 16.25 mm / 59 px .64 " / 16.25mm / 59px

9 ALASKA AIRLINES BRAND GUIDELINES The Tail LIVE(RY) TO TELL THE TAIL. The Alaska livery is our largest and most recognizable element. It’s a piece of art that represents all of Alaska Air Group. We have a photo version and a vector image version. Use the photo version, supported by a clear blue sky, whenever possible. Use the vector image version when you can’t use the photo, such as on a screen printing, large graphics, apparel and merch. The tail should always be facing left. Cropping is acceptable, using the guidelines found on page 8. Photograph Vector Art

10 ALASKA AIRLINES BRAND GUIDELINES Colors PASS WITH FLYING COLORS. The Primary Palette is Midnight Blue and White. Midnight Blue was inspired by the night sky. It’s a strong neutral that represents performance. The Secondary Palette is Atlas Blue, Breeze Blue and Tropical Green. These come from the mid- tones of the aurora borealis. The Tertiary Palette is Calm Blue, Mist Gray and Palm Green. These core supporting colors are not replacements for white. Never: • Use color just for decoration. • Use secondary palette without the core colors. • Use secondary or tertiary palette in exchange for White. The Soft Palette is Type Gray. PANTONE 7694 C / 2187 U HEX: 01426A CMYK: RGB: 1.66.106 PANTONE (N/A) HEX: FFFFF CMYK: RGB: 255.255.255 Midnight Blue White PANTONE 2383 C / 7461 U HEX: 2774AE CMYK: RGB: 39.116.174 PANTONE 7702 C / 2200 U HEX: 48A9C5 CMYK: RGB: 72.169.197 Atlas Blue Breeze Blue PANTONE 2284 C/ 366 U HEX: B3D57D CMYK: RGB: 179.213.125 Tropical Green PANTONE 2156 C / 2155 U HEX: 8BA6C1 CMYK: RGB: 139.166.193 Calm Blue Mist Gray Type Gray PANTONE Cool Gray 3 C / U HEX: C8C9C7 CMYK: RGB: 200.201.199 PANTONE Cool Gray 9 C / U HEX: 656565 CMYK: RGB: 117.120.123 Palm Green PANTONE Cool Gray 9 C / U HEX: B3D57D CMKY: 33. 0. 60. 0 RGB: 179. 213. 125 Type Gray supports our approachable brand voice, softening our expression of type that would otherwise be black in color. Use for headlines and body copy. Also for cases in which typography cannot be reversed to White or set in a Core palette color. Proportions Brand colors as gradients

11 ALASKA AIRLINES BRAND GUIDELINES Colors LET’S GET DIGITAL. The Digital Color Palette ncludes variations on the Brand colors for use specifically and only in digital spaces. Colors for user interface elements including Buttons, Icons, Links, Headings and Type. This palette is currently being refined to include continuous user interface needs. The HEX values shown are for general reference and subject to change; please email Digital-Experience-Guide@ for the latest version. Digital Midnight Blue Orca Digital Midnight Blue White Cloud Mist Dusk White Shark Manatee Fog Galapagos Digital Atlas Blue Digital Breeze Blue Digital Tropical Green Digital Palm Green User Interface Digital version of brand colors modified for greater vibrancy on-screen and digital usage HEX: 01426A HEX: 222222 HEX: 01426A HEX: 01426A HEX: FFFFFF HEX: 6E7783 q HEX: F7F7F7 HEX: 9FABBB HEX: E8E8E8 HEX: C8C9C7 HEX: 336787 HEX: 008568 HEX: 53B390 HEX: 0074C8 HEX: 00C7E6 HEX: C0E585 Typography For all live type: headlines, labels, headers, body copy, and legal Background Colors for backgrounds and dividing lines

12 ALASKA AIRLINES BRAND GUIDELINES The Aura SPIRIT OF THE NORTH We use four types of Aura to give us a range of expression. They all follow these principles: • The order of the core colors is Midnight Blue>Atlas Blue>Breeze Blue>Tropical Green on the outer edge. Never change this. • No straight or parallel lines in the Aura; it’s organic. • No evenly-spaced sections of color; less static, more motion. • There’s always one twist – one part of the Aura that crosses, making an “x” shape. The twist Midnight Aura Made up of solid colors of Midnight Blue and the secondary palette. A twist is always present in the Atlas Blue. Color bleeds off all four sides of the canvas with no visible White. White Aura Made up of all the colors of the primary and secondary palettes including core White. Color bleeds on two or three sides of the canvas. The twist is always present in the Atlas Blue. Blended Aura Available in both Midnight and White versions, Blended Auras are made with primary and secondary palettes. Colors fade between shapes for a softer look. Line Aura The line aura is primarily used in Lounges and First Class. It can also be used when the deliverable is something that needs to feel classy or upscale. The construct of the Aura

13 ALASKA AIRLINES BRAND GUIDELINES Typeface BOLD MOVES AS Circular is used for headlines and body copy in core brand communications. It has five distinct weights. Use these weights to create an easy-to-read typographic hierarchy. Please make sure that the settings for “ligatures” is set to “off.” Ligatures are when specific characters have a designed connection to another character. fl is the most common occurance. Weights Light, Book , Medium are body copy. Bold is for headlines & subheads. Black is for special occasions, like short headers, small subheads or when we need to differentiate content hierarchy. Color Primary Colors are Midnight Blue, Atlas Blue, White, Type Gray. Breeze Blue is a secondary color and is to be used sparingly as an accent color. Hierarchy AS Circular Bold appears first in the typographic hierarchy, as heads & subheads. AS Circular Light, Book or Medium are body copy. To get AS Circular typeface, contact [email protected]. AS Circular Black AS Circular Bold AS Circular Medium AS Circular Book AS Circular Light

14 ALASKA AIRLINES BRAND GUIDELINES Additional Typefaces FLYEST PRAISE You may notice a new typeface being used in the aircraft experience. It’s called Highest Praise and is strictly reserved for application on materials used on board. Cups, napkins, headphone packaging and the seatback cards are all areas where this typeface is used. Highest Praise FREIGHT MICRO Freight Micro is an Adobe TypeKit font that is used for body copy in publications like the Beyond Magazine , Uniform Lookbook, etc. This typeface should only be used for body copy 12pt or below. Freight Micro Freight Micro Freight Micro Freight Micro Freight Micro

15 ALASKA AIRLINES BRAND GUIDELINES Expressive Type EXPRESSING OURSELVES Our brand phrases are custom, hand-lettered pieces of art that are used throughout employee spaces and printed materials to add personality and energy. This is not a typography. These should not be broken up or added to one another to create new phrases. These should only be combined or used in groups when showcasing the brand values. These should only be used with solid colors and should not have a gradient applied. Contact the Alaska Brand Studio for usage and to review the full library of phrases. Jessica created our brand phrases and values in a fluid, hand-drawn style that shows movement, playfulness and a West Coast vibe. by Jessica Hische

16 ALASKA AIRLINES BRAND GUIDELINES Expressive Type DESTINATION ILLUSTRATIONS These custom illustrations tell the story of where we fly through typography. This evolving collection is available through the Brand Studio and can be used in employee spaces to represent a location and on materials when showcasing a destination. They should be used as a solid color within our palette and should not have a gradient applied. Contact Alaska’s Brand Studio for usage. Erik designed all of our destination typography. Each destination has been given its own treatment that expresses its vibe, culture and feel. by Erik Marinovich

17 ALASKA AIRLINES BRAND GUIDELINES Photography PICTURE THIS. Our world is positive and bright. It’s honest but finds the colorful and modern elements of the real world. We would like to freeze-frame happiness all over in the most local, authentic way possible. Our photography should reach beyond our brand colors, adding brightness, vibrancy and overall happiness to the layouts. Our world is not plastic, overly stylized, dark or surreal. It doesn’t have posed models. It isn’t busy or complex. We show people exploring places. We show our product in natural use. We show our places in unique context. We leave a little to the imagination, inviting the viewer to explore more. Contact the Alaska Brand Studio for any photography requests. (Link to photo request brief) • Contextual imagery should be 80% visually resting, with no interference in that area. • Accents in the imagery should be anchored to the bottom of the image and take up 25% of real estate. • All images should use cool colors. • Logos should live above the 25% mark. Product People Places

18 ALASKA AIRLINES BRAND GUIDELINES Icons ICON. YOU CAN. WE ALL CAN. Our icons are friendly, modern & confident. They’ve been designed for the digital space, as well as printed assets. We only show a few samples here, but many more have been developed and are available in our icon library. You can find access to that library through our full icon guidelines. Digital Sizes Icons can be scaled to provide 3 sizes: small (16px), medium (24px), and large (32px). Rare cases allow for larger sizes; start with the large size first as it has more details and use the guidelines to create the illustration. Color Use the color palette that’s directly related to where the icons will be used/displayed – print icons can use our core brand colors. For digital, use the digital color palette. Color should be used strategically; for example, use black or Orca when aligning an icon with static text, or use an actionable color like Digital Atlas Blue when the icon is included as part of a link. Creating new icons We recommend Adobe Illustrator (or, secondarily, Sketch App) for icon creation. Our Alaska Icon Guidelines document has a number of rules to follow to help your icon fit in with the set, including overall size, line weight, corner radius, color, and pointers on how to make your icon pixel perfect (important for a crisp and readable icon in digital spaces). For a copy of the most recent icon files and usage guidelines, contact Digital-Experience-Guide@ Digital Print Atlas Blue Digital Atlas Blue Email marketing

19 ALASKA AIRLINES BRAND GUIDELINES Mini Plane JUST PLANE CUTE. The airplane icon is a simplified visual representation of Alaska’s overall fleet of aircraft. We took inspiration from various airplane types to land on the newest version of the icon. • Airplane icon should always be the color of the typography used. • Icon width should be the letterform width. • If space permits, airplane icon should have 2x the space from the top compared to the headline. • When between airport codes, the airplane should be the same height as the font. 31 BRAND PLANE ICON: USAGE New Icon New Icon (white) Use of Icon ● Airplane icon should always be the color of the typography used. ● Icon width should be the letterform width. ● If space permits, airplane icon should have 2x the space from the top compared to the headline. ● When between airport codes, the airplane should be the same height as the font. OOH LENGTH OF 1 LETTERFORM PRINT LENGTH OF 2 LETTERFORMS HEADL The airplane icon is a simplified visual representation of Alaska’s overall fleet of aircraft. We took inspiration from various airplane types to land on the newest version of the plane icon. AIRPLANE IS THE SAME HEIGHT AS THE CODE

20 ALASKA AIRLINES BRAND GUIDELINES Route Maps ROUTE, ROUTE, ROUTE FOR THE HOME TEAM. Alaska’s main route map (used mostly for print) is dark and clean with vibrant white route lines that glow as they stack on top of each other. The Global Partners route map shows how we can get guests from the West Coast to the world. The dark version shows all of our partner destinations. The light and bright version is Asia specific and is used only in the digital space. It was created for better visibility/legibility, simplicity and alignment with our digital interactive route map and experiences that are meant to be viewed on a wide range of screen sizes. Contact Alaska’s Brand Studio for usage.

21 ALASKA AIRLINES BRAND GUIDELINES Copy YOU’VE COME TO THE WRITE PLACE. Hospitality is the key to our relationships with our guests and each other. Putting guests first requires that we understand our relationship status. CODE OF WRITING Keep it real and keep it Alaska. Friends? Friends. Be conversational. Be clear. Have fun. Speak freely. Use manners. Engage in a way that’s unconventional, while remembering we’re trusted to fly airplanes. Openness Invite guests in, but don’t tell them where to go. Travelers, not tourists Go beyond the obvious to find the worthwhile experience. Tell it like it is. If regulations require us to say it, then say it. Transparency is the best policy. Empathy is invaluable. Approach irregular operations from the guests’ perspective. Take personal responsibility. Do all we can to make things right. Enthusiasm is contagious. Get excited to write and they’ll be excited to read. Click here for our comprehensive Copy Style Guide. Tone down for what? Click here for our guide to voice and tone. OUR WRITING STYLE IS... Conversational - Relatable - Smart Conversational: For the most part, copy should feel conversational, natural to how a person would speak, with a dash of clever. We want to be polished and smart, but we also want to speak with the audience, rather than at them. E.g: Having it all shouldn’t mean paying it all. Relatable: Whenever appropriate, we can reference something that a viewer of a specific placement would get almost as an inside joke, but not so inside that it becomes too niche. It should feel like a knowing wink that our audience appreciates, and not like we’re pandering. E.g: $59 Flights from SFO - Go above and Bayond! Smart: We like wordplay, but used sparingly. It should be smart, never corny or eye roll-inducing. Think plays on phonetic similarities over outright puns. E.g: $159 to Hawaii. And no leiovers.

22 ALASKA AIRLINES BRAND GUIDELINES The campaign is brought to life through smile-inducing moments and paid off with Alaska benefits that remind guests they don’t have to settle for less. Click here for the brand campaign guidlines TM

23 ALASKA AIRLINES BRAND GUIDELINES Quick links for you! For more detailed information, contact Jen Sinconis, Studio Operations Manager [email protected] Katie D’Amato, Director of Brand [email protected] Alaska Brand Studio Website Alaska Brand Hub Alaska Writing Style Guide Fly smart. Land happy. Style Guide


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