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21 ALASKA AIRLINES BRAND GUIDELINES Copy YOU’VE COME TO THE WRITE PLACE. Hospitality is the key to our relationships with our guests and each other. Putting guests first requires that we understand our relationship status. CODE OF WRITING Keep it real and keep it Alaska. Friends? Friends. Be conversational. Be clear. Have fun. Speak freely. Use manners. Engage in a way that’s unconventional, while remembering we’re trusted to fly airplanes. Openness Invite guests in, but don’t tell them where to go. Travelers, not tourists Go beyond the obvious to find the worthwhile experience. Tell it like it is. If regulations require us to say it, then say it. Transparency is the best policy. Empathy is invaluable. Approach irregular operations from the guests’ perspective. Take personal responsibility. Do all we can to make things right. Enthusiasm is contagious. Get excited to write and they’ll be excited to read. Click here for our comprehensive Copy Style Guide. Tone down for what? Click here for our guide to voice and tone. OUR WRITING STYLE IS... Conversational - Relatable - Smart Conversational: For the most part, copy should feel conversational, natural to how a person would speak, with a dash of clever. We want to be polished and smart, but we also want to speak with the audience, rather than at them. E.g: Having it all shouldn’t mean paying it all. Relatable: Whenever appropriate, we can reference something that a viewer of a specific placement would get almost as an inside joke, but not so inside that it becomes too niche. It should feel like a knowing wink that our audience appreciates, and not like we’re pandering. E.g: $59 Flights from SFO - Go above and Bayond! Smart: We like wordplay, but used sparingly. It should be smart, never corny or eye roll-inducing. Think plays on phonetic similarities over outright puns. E.g: $159 to Hawaii. And no leiovers.

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