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Visual Elements oneworld Exceptions 1.19 The oneworld logo is required on all paid advertising, with size exceptions for the following select online/digital circumstances. In these examples, the American Airlines to oneworld logo proportion changes to allow 728 x 90 Not to scale for legibility and white space. oneworld: 80% Exceptions and notes: The oneworld logo on the 160 x 600 px unit, is 125% larger than the Flight Symbol. For the 728 x 90, the oneworld logo is scaled 80% of the Flight Symbol. If the unit is so small that at the correct scale, the oneworld logo becomes smaller than minimum 35 pixels tall, the oneworld logo becomes more dominant 468 x 60 Not to scale than other main ad components no oneworld (American Airlines logo, CTA Button, etc.), or if there is no longer room to include the required clearspace around both the American Airlines and oneworld logos, the oneworld logo is omitted due to size constraints. 160 x 600 Not to scale oneworld: 125% © American Airlines, 2015 Advertising Guidelines, v 3.0

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