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AMEX FLEX: OUR NEW WAY OF WORKING AMEX FLEX HAS THREE WORK DESIGNATIONS Our colleagues remained productive during the pandemic, which required us to become even more agile in how we work, and our new Amex Flex model is designed to continue this trend while leveling the playing field for colleagues across jobs and locations. In-person connections at the office will also continue to play an important role in American Express’ future. We believe that being together in person has benefits, including spontaneous connections and idea sharing, team bonding and camaraderie, workspaces designed for creativity and collaboration, and more opportunities for mentorship, in-person coaching, and networking. In March 2022, we officially launched Amex Flex, our new way of working where colleagues can work in the office, at home, or can take a hybrid approach that combines both. Amex Flex is designed to leverage the best of both in-person and remote work and to enable colleagues to have greater flexibility in their personal and professional lives. ONSITE ONSITE COLLEAGUES WORK IN THE OFFICE 4-5 DAYS PER WEEK. THIS OPTION APPLIES TO LIMITED SELECT ROLES THAT CAN ONLY BE PERFORMED IN AN OFFICE, THOSE WHO CANNOT PERFORM THEIR ROLES REMOTELY, OR FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO BE IN THE OFFICE EVERY DAY. HYBRID HYBRID COLLEAGUES WORK A MIX OF IN-OFFICE AND VIRTUAL DAYS, COMING INTO THE OFFICE ABOUT TWO DAYS PER WEEK ON AVERAGE. LEADERS AND COLLEAGUES MAY PLAN COMMON DAYS FOR IN-PERSON CONNECTION, COLLABORATION, AND EVENTS. FULLY VIRTUAL VIRTUAL COLLEAGUES WORK EXCLUSIVELY OR FOR THE VAST MAJORITY OF DAYS FROM HOME. To back our colleagues during this transition, we are: • Phasing-in Amex Flex and avoiding a “one-size-fits-all" approach • Surveying our colleagues to garner feedback • Remaining flexible to meet the needs of our colleagues • Deploying our real estate, technology, and medical teams to help create a welcoming and safe office environment • Conducting informational and re-orientation sessions on topics such as the ongoing health resources we are offering • Introducing new office technologies to enhance the workplace experience and make it easy to collaborate with colleagues, such as equipping conference and huddle rooms with high-definition videoconferencing technology • Adding new technology benefits that provide colleagues the opportunity to order company-issued hardware and software to support working from home, regardless of their work designation 15 INTRODUCTION PROMOTING DE&I ADVANCING CLIMATE SOLUTIONS BUILDING FINANCIAL CONFIDENCE OUR ESG GOVERNANCE & OPERATING RESPONSIBLY SUPPORTING DATA OUR COMMITMENT TO ESG

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