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Sustainability Report 2021 17 Sustainability Report 2021 17 Business and Trade Associations Applied Materials maintains memberships in various business and trade associations that advance issues aligned with our corporate strategy and the needs of our company, industry, employees, and communities. Our membership in a group does not imply that we endorse the entirety of that group’s policy positions. In 2021, Applied paid approximately $578,000 in trade association membership dues, 18% of which were specified by the associations as non-deductible lobbying expenditures. This total does not include conference or event sponsorships, programming activities or similar costs. Applied Materials reports on federal lobbying through the Lobbying Disclosure Act Database, and files periodic reports with federal and state agencies as appropriate. Our U.S. Trade and Business Associations membership list can be found here . Political Contributions The Applied Materials, Inc. Political Action Committee (AMPAC) contributes to federal candidates, political action committees and party committees supporting issues of strategic importance to Applied, consistent with all legal requirements. Our State Contributions Committee oversees corporate political spending to advance those strategic issues at the state and local levels. While Applied pays the administrative expenses for AMPAC, AMPAC is funded entirely through voluntary contributions from eligible employees, and does not make any contributions using Applied Materials corporate funds. AMPAC’s activities are overseen, and its contributions reviewed and approved, by the AMPAC Board of Directors. Contributions are based solely on corporate objectives, without regard for the private political preferences of either the employees who contribute to AMPAC or individual committee members. During 2021, political contributions made by AMPAC totaled $24,600. See the Corporate Governance Addendum for additional details on Applied’s political donation policies, mechanisms, and compliance practices. Political Spending FY 2021 FY 2020 FY 2019 POLITICAL CONTRIBUTION DATA Total value of financial contributions to political parties, candidates, and related institutions by Applied Materials $0 $0 $0 Total value of financial contributions to political parties, candidates, and related institutions by AMPAC $24,600 $53,500 $84,000 INTRODUCTION PURPOSE Corporate Governance Ethics & Compliance Public Policy Data & IP Security Personal Data Privacy Community Impact PEOPLE PLANET PROGRESS

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