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Sustainability Report 2021 22 Evolving Engagement to Center Equity As part of a multi-year journey to evaluate and improve the Applied Materials Foundation and Applied Materials’ U.S.- based engagement in communities of color, our Community Affairs team partnered with Black-owned consulting firm Frontline Solutions in 2021 to conduct an equity assessment examining Foundation and company programs and practices. The team dedicated time to listening, learning, and reflecting on issues of equity, prejudice, power, and privilege, seeking to identify and proactively address unintentional barriers arising from bias, norms, or systemic structures. We also surveyed recent grantees on the degree to which company and Foundation programs and practices center equity. Based on audit results and feedback, we made a public declaration of commitment to equity-centered community involvement focused across three core areas: > Grantmaking: Applied and the Foundation will make data-driven assessments of how organizations include the voice of the community in the issue they seek to address, to ensure we are funding organizations with the deep community trust required to achieve their goals. To increase transparency, we will post grant recipients of both Foundation and company grants on our website beginning in 2022. > Employee Engagement: The Community Affairs team will work with community leaders, our Employee Resource Groups, and an outside vendor to identify high-impact nonprofits led by and serving people of color to promote a greater variety of volunteer and other community engagement opportunities for Applied employees. > Personal and Professional Development: To ensure that company and Foundation decision-making structures and Community Affairs operations are centered in equity, we will conduct internal team learning activities to address biases and norms that negatively impact communities and organizations of color. 2021 Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award Top 15, Foreign Enterprise Category CommonWealth magazine, Taiwan Sustainability Report 2021 22 INTRODUCTION PURPOSE Corporate Governance Ethics & Compliance Public Policy Data & IP Security Personal Data Privacy Community Impact PEOPLE PLANET PROGRESS

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