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Sustainability Report 2021 14 Standards of Business Conduct Applied Materials’ Standards of Business Conduct communicate our values, set expectations for our global workforce and network of trusted partners, and provide guidance designed to promote the highest ethical standards in our interactions with customers, suppliers, colleagues, communities and other stakeholders. The Standards are designed to promote trust in management’s commitment to our values, empower employees to speak up without fear of retaliation, and provide comprehensive guidance about risks, laws, policies and reporting processes, including key concerns such as conflicts of interest, bribery and corruption. Over the past two years we’ve been working on updates to our Standards and associated policies, procedures, controls and trainings, tying them closer to our core values and emphasizing relevance to today’s dynamic risk environment, everywhere we do business. We will complete our Standards update in 2022, along with the release of a new set of standards for business partners. In 2021, we updated our global Anti-Corruption Policy and our Gifts, Meals, Entertainment and Travel (GMET) Policy. We also updated our Conflict of Interest (COI) new-hire process and added anti-corruption controls to our intern recruitment process. To enable real-time data analytics and insights regarding compliance with our Standards, we maintain a global dashboard for tracking conflict-of-interest disclosures, corporate donation approval requests and GMET approvals. We are currently in the process of building out and automating key elements of our third-party anti-corruption due diligence procedures, and in 2021 we transitioned to conducting regular third-party audits. Our Core Values Most valued partner Winning team Responsibility and integrity World-class performance Sustainability Report 2021 14 INTRODUCTION PURPOSE Corporate Governance Ethics & Compliance Public Policy Data & IP Security Personal Data Privacy Community Impact PEOPLE PLANET PROGRESS

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