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Sustainability Report 2021 67 Goals and Progress GOAL PROGRESS UN SDG 3x30 Goals Reduce equivalent energy consumption for semiconductor products by 30% by 2030 Set energy consumption baseline for semiconductor products (2019 basis) and completed key energy use models Reduce chemical consumption for semiconductor products by 30% by 2030 Completed first-in-industry chemical impact analysis and began leveraging results to improve tool and process design Reduce tool footprint per production unit ratio (sqm/wph) for semiconductor products by 30% by 2030 Achieved 10%+ reduction in square foot per wafer pass on selected new and existing semiconductor product platforms GOAL PROGRESS UN SDG SuCCESS2030 Goals* Transition the supply chain to recyclable content packaging, with a target of 80% by end of 2023 In 2021, we achieved approximately 75% recyclable content for targeted plastics and corrugated fiberboard packaging materials Eliminate phosphate-based pretreatment of metal surfaces by 2024 where feasible Pilot trials exploring a process of pretreating metal surfaces for rust protection using zinc oxide were successfully completed in 2021. Increase the percentage of spend with, and representation of, women- and minority-owned businesses by 2024 Met our goal of increasing diverse supplier spend by at least 2% year on year, through new and newly onboarded diverse suppliers Comply with RBA Code of Conduct and Applied Materials’ Standards of Business Conduct Required 33% of our high-risk direct suppliers to undergo an RBA external audit in 2021 (intend to grow to 50% of high-risk direct suppliers and 10% of high-risk indirect suppliers in 2022) * SuCCESS2030 goal regarding shipping was removed due to the unique supply chain challenges faced by the company. Applied will continue to monitor for opportunities to address emission reductions in freight in the future. INTRODUCTION PURPOSE PEOPLE PLANET PROGRESS Design for Sustainability Promoting the Circular Economy Product Safety Supply Chain Responsibility

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