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Sustainability Report 2021 68 Sustainability Report 2021 68 Design for Sustainability A better future needs to be a more sustainable future. Our ten-year 3x30 goals focus on meeting that aspiration in our semiconductor business by working to reduce the high energy and chemical impacts of semiconductor manufacturing industry-wide. Since 2018, all in-development product lines from our Semiconductor Products Group (SPG) have reflected Design for Sustainability (DfSu) methods and principles, starting from the drawing board to innovate longer-lasting systems that consume fewer resources and are more easily reusable or recyclable. Working with our customers, we are continuously improving the efficiency of our existing hardware and software to make their manufacturing operations cleaner and greener. Our comprehensive, industry-leading effort encompasses three core elements: > Our Design for Sustainability Center of Excellence (CoE), which provides design support for more sustainable technologies and processes > A proprietary modeling tool that quantifies the energy, chemical, and footprint impacts of past, present, and future tool designs > Customer partnerships to innovate efficiencies in our tools and processes, boost industry-wide sustainability, and deliver broad benefit to the planet Applied is globally certified to ISO 9001:2015 for quality management. Click here for additional certifications. “Applied Materials provides many opportunities to collaborate with some of the best and brightest in the silicon industry who have driven node advancements for several decades. In my current role, I enjoy building upon that expertise in advancing novel semiconductor device technologies and enabling emerging applications. The way we identify process challenges and innovate to address them makes Applied a unique place where I can thrive.” Shiva Strategic Marketing Manager INTRODUCTION PURPOSE PEOPLE PLANET PROGRESS Design for Sustainability Promoting the Circular Economy Product Safety Supply Chain Responsibility

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