Applied Materials Sustainability Report
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Sustainability Report 2021 12 Sustainability Report 2021 12 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG): On a quarterly basis, our Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee (CGNC) receives in-person and written updates from our head of ESG, Corporate Sustainability, and Reporting. The CGNC also reviews the company’s ESG strategy on a regular basis. Environmental Health and Safety (EHS): On a quarterly basis, the CGNC receives updates from our head of EHS, as well as more in-depth annual updates on sustainability, environment, health and safety. Supply Chain and Conflict Minerals: Our Board reviews material supply chain issues and the Board’s Audit Committee reviews the annual Conflict Minerals Report we file with the SEC. Our People and Workplace: The Board’s Human Resources and Compensation Committee (HRCC) oversees corporate culture and human capital management programs, including our Culture of Inclusion practices and initiatives. Community Engagement: Much of our community engagement and grantmaking is led by the Applied Materials Foundation, which has its own board and is independently audited on an annual basis. Applied Materials corporate governance documents are publicly available here . Our 2022 Proxy Statement is available here . Reporting on our ESG efforts is segmented by focus area: INTRODUCTION PURPOSE Corporate Governance Ethics & Compliance Public Policy Data & IP Security Personal Data Privacy Community Impact PEOPLE PLANET PROGRESS