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Sustainability Report 2021 13 Sustainability Report 2021 13 Each member of our workforce plays a part in this commitment by conducting their professional duties with responsibility and integrity, and we expect our executives and managers to lead by example. To continually reinforce integrity across our culture, Applied maintains a Global Ethics and Compliance Program with strong leadership and engagement from senior management. Our Board’s Audit Committee oversees the program’s overall design and implementation, including mechanisms for reporting potential violations of law or policy and investigating potential integrity violations by executive officers. The Audit Committee receives quarterly reports covering investigations, program development initiatives, and key trends and indicators. Employee engagement efforts include ethics training, awareness campaigns, and our annual Responsibility and Integrity Week, along with employee ethics surveys and road shows. Throughout our business units, designated Compliance Champions promote ethics and compliance, intellectual property protection and mandatory training completion, and serve as trusted local contacts employees can approach with questions or concerns. In 2021, we established regional compliance committees across our global operations, comprised of local leaders from the Legal and Compliance Organization (LCO), Finance, HR, and business units. These committees enable local implementation of initiatives, provide regional feedback and recommendations, and further drive our culture of integrity. In 2022, we are launching a cross-functional Global Compliance Oversight Committee (GCOC) to enable the business with global compliance procedures, training and controls calibrated to Applied’s business and evolving risk profile. Sponsored by our Chief Legal Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Human Resources Officer, the GCOC includes senior representatives from each Applied business unit and department and meets quarterly. In 2022, we aim to complete our compliance management systems documentation, which details regional, global and cross-functional compliance policies and procedures. See the Corporate Governance Addendum for additional details about our ethics policies and governance structures. Click here for information on our mechanisms for reporting ethics concerns. Applied is committed to being a good corporate citizen and a trusted partner to our customers, suppliers and shareholders. Ethics and Compliance INTRODUCTION PURPOSE Corporate Governance Ethics & Compliance Public Policy Data & IP Security Personal Data Privacy Community Impact PEOPLE PLANET PROGRESS

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