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Sustainability Report 2021 44 Sustainability Report 2021 44 Applied Materials creates growth and development opportunities that support an engaged and inclusive workforce that can propel our business into the future. All training is coordinated centrally and aligned with common objectives through Applied Global University (AGU), with business units and functions providing technical and job-specific training and the corporate level providing more general professional, management, and leadership training. Since the onset of the pandemic in 2020, the vast majority of our training has been virtual. Our training and development capabilities also include state-of-the- art training modalities such as AI-based simulations and Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) learning capabilities. In- person, instructor-led training is offered when there is significant benefit, consistent with applicable COVID safety protocols. At every level, assessment and development is conducted in the context of both current and future role requirements. Our PATHWAY program helps our employees create personalized learning journeys, while our technical talent receives additional specialized opportunities to develop knowledge and skills. Training programs for managers and executive leadership facilitate preparation for progressive roles and support our leadership pipeline. New College Graduate Mentorship Program In 2021, we piloted our New College Graduate (NCG) Mentorship Program to accelerate NCGs’ early-career development, broaden their professional networks, and provide a beyond-content-knowledge learning experience. The pilot program paired 180 participants, matched based on their professional profiles, program goals, skills, and interest across multiple business units and job families. Throughout the six- month program, mentors and mentees were enrolled in a self-guided course in which they planned, engaged with, and reflected on their mentorship sessions. With a program effectiveness rating of 87%, the mentorship pilot has generated meaningful conversations on career goal setting and Applied’s vision, mission, and leadership, and has furthered our culture of coaching and professional development. Using the takeaways from the pilot, our next phase will be working with stakeholders to design custom mentorship programs for various internal organizations and regions. Learning and Development “As a recent graduate, I enjoy being in an engineering role that directly aids new product development. At Applied Materials, I get to work with a diverse group of very talented individuals and have access to many educational resources. Both have been instrumental to growing my interpersonal and technical skills.” Sonia Semiconductor Products Group INTRODUCTION PURPOSE PEOPLE Recruiting and Hiring Our Culture of Inclusion Learning and Development Employee Safety and Support During COVID-19 Occupational Health and Safety Human Rights PLANET PROGRESS

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