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Sustainability Report 2021 35 Sustainability Report 2021 35 Eliminate systemic barriers to inclusion Identify and break down systemic barriers to inclusion Engage and empower Inclusion Change Teams to break down barriers Leverage data to develop action strategies to inclusion In 2021, we made significant progress in strengthening our COI strategy, targets, training commitments and data disclosure, working toward our goal of moving to a higher level of DEI maturity as structured in the Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Benchmarks. At Applied Materials, we believe the future of work is one where diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are intrinsic to the organization, helping foster a growth- oriented mindset, build stronger and more resilient teams, and enable Applied Materials to innovate and succeed. Our Culture of Inclusion 35 “Applied Materials is operationalizing a Culture of Inclusion across every aspect of our company—every business group, every function, every process, every region. This is far beyond an HR initiative; it is fully integrated cultural transformation that will inform and drive our business strategy. By engaging leaders as champions of change, eliminating systemic barriers, and inspiring employees, we are creating a Culture of Inclusion where everyone—and hence, Applied—can reach our full potential.” Michelle Cooper Vice President of Culture of Inclusion Engage leaders as champions of change Make inclusion personal for leaders Define metrics and leader accountability for change Operationalize inclusion in all we do Ensure talent practices are inclusive Accelerate strategies for finding, selecting, placing, developing, and retaining talent Measure qualitative and quantitative progress COI Strategy: Foundation and Roadmap INTRODUCTION PURPOSE PEOPLE Recruiting and Hiring Our Culture of Inclusion Learning and Development Employee Safety and Support During COVID-19 Occupational Health and Safety Human Rights PLANET PROGRESS

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