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Cardinal Health Brand Book

Cardinal Health, Inc. is an American multinational health care services company, and the 14th highest revenue generating company in the United States.

Appendix J Using the Cardinal Health logo Media usage for media professionals We are pleased to share our brand guidelines with you to ensure Cardinal Health is clearly The Cardinal Health logo is and accurately identified in the media. trademarked worldwide to ensure legal protection. Our name is Cardinal Health Always use official master Always refer to our company as “Cardinal Health” in spoken and written communications. Our art for our logo — never company name is not “Cardinal” and Cardinal Health is always written as two words. Do not recreate it. Official logo files can be requested by writing to replicate the wordmark portion of the logo. [email protected] Official logo, tagline and protection space or calling 614.757.5595. Our logo is the combination of both symbol and wordmark together. = x-height of logotype symbol The x-height represents the amount of “clear” space that should surround the Cardinal Health logo. This wordmark area should be kept clear of all graphics and text. Logo colors .675”, 17.2mm Minimum logo sizes For consistency, the logo Full-color logo: Standard Full-color reverse logo: Alternate should always be scaled Wingspan symbol – Pantone®185; C:0, M:91, Y:76, K:0; #EE0000 Wingspan symbol – Pantone® 185; C:0, M:91, Y:76, K:0; #EE0000 proportionately as a single Black wordmark – Pantone® Black; C:0, M:0, Y:0, K:100; #000000 White wordmark – #FFFFFF unit (symbol + wordmark). To ensure visibility, the minimum size for reproduction is a .675” (17.2mm) wordmark. One-color logo: Alternate One-color reverse logo: Alternate Pantone® Black; C:0, M:0, Y:0, K:100; #000000 White – #FFFFFF REV 2/2012 J1

Appendix J Using the Cardinal Health logo Media usage for media professionals X X X To maximize recognition of Do not change the size or position of the Wingspan symbol Do not use outdated versions of the the Cardinal Health logo, it or the Cardinal Health wordmark. Cardinal Health logo. should not be altered or distorted in any way. Even well-intentioned changes can result in confusion. Illustrated here are common mistakes X X to avoid. Do not use our symbol alone. Our logo is most recognized Do not use the wordmark alone. when the symbol and wordmark are used as a single unit. X X Do not place the logo in a box. To use the logo Do not stretch or distort the logo at a larger size, reverse the logo out of dark to fit it within a column of text. backgrounds. See page A3 (Appendix A - Logo and identity) for color options. Correct logo use: Place the logo on is a leading provider of a solid background — not in a box. X products, services and technologies X Pyxis® Products supporting the healthcare industry. Never lock-up text — including captions, headlines, Do not use the logo as part of a headline or text. product or service names — with the logo. X X X Do not reproduce the symbol and wordmark in red. Do not stack the logo. Do not reproduce the logo in unauthorized colors. X X Do not use unauthorized artwork for reproduction, Do not use special effects such as drop shadows. e.g. photocopied artwork or Internet downloads. X X Do not create patterns with the logo. Do not place the logo on distracting backgrounds. REV 2/2012 J2