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8 DAVITA.COM/COMMUNITYCARE Diversity & Belonging (“D&B”) To realize our vision of “a diverse Village where everyone feels like they belong,” we take a collaborative, leader- led and teammate-driven approach to building our D&B program. Four pillars comprise our strategy: Diversity, Belonging, Economic Mobility and Health Equity. Below is how we bring these to life. For more information, visit . Diversity We strive to have strong representation of women and people of color in our Village by meeting or exceeding EEO-1 benchmarks for all levels. As of Dec. 31, 2021: 2021 ESG Initiatives: Teammate Engagement Teammate Engagement To achieve our mission of being the Employer of Choice, we strive to: Meet our teammates’ basic needs to provide for themselves and their families. This means offering competitive compensation and benefits while also supporting teammates’ physical and mental well-being and making work “work” for teammates. Live our purpose: to give life. Create an environment where teammates can thrive. This means creating opportunities for personal and career growth; it also means having relationships with managers and peers to help teammates feel like they belong. Our overall teammate population in the U.S. is comprised of: Leaders with profit and loss responsibility are: Operational managers who lead our dialysis centers are: Our board of directors is comprised of: 78% women and 55% people of color 54% women and 25% people of color 78% women and 36% people of color 44% women and 33% people of color 2021 HIGHLIGHTS

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