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12 DAVITA.COM/COMMUNITYCARE 2021 ESG Initiatives: Environmental Stewardship Commitment to 100% Renewable Energy We reached a big milestone in 2021 when the Prospero II solar farm became operational, helping us achieve our 100% renewable energy goal for our U.S. locations. With this virtual power purchase agreement, our agreements to purchase energy from wind and solar farms now create as much clean energy annually as the amount of electricity we use in our U.S. operations. Energy Reduction DaVita continued its progress on reducing emissions by completing 1100+ energy efficiency projects in 2021. These projects included LED lighting retrofits and installing Building Management Systems (BMS) and HVAC and water heater upgrades. Energy Efficiency Project Highlights Water Reduction DaVita maintained its focus on water reductions throughout our operations, including through a water optimization and Top Water Users targeted reduction program. DaVita saved more than 85 million gallons of water in 2021.ยน centers with LED lighting to date, with 630 centers completed in 2021 centers with BMS to date, with 143 centers completed in 2021 2,200+ 2,300+ 2021 HIGHLIGHTS 1. Calculated based on gallons per treatment savings from clinics with water efficiency projects implemented

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