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Safety, Health, and Well-Being at Amazon Safety is integral to everything we do at Amazon, and we strive to be safer every day for our employees, partners, and communities. Our work environments allow our employees, regardless of background, skill level, or experience, to work with confidence. Our Approach We structure our operations to fulfill customer orders as efficiently and safely as possible, and work to optimize our processes, equipment, and facilities for safety and productivity. We provide extensive safety training, coaching, and engagement opportunities to our operations employees to continually improve workplace safety. We employ thousands of safety professionals to solve complex problems, maintain safety equipment, and establish new industry best practices. We continually identify opportunities to innovate and invest in achieving better outcomes and solutions for our people. These range from integrating new safety technology, such as vehicle safety controls for our delivery network, to engineering ergonomic solutions for employees in our fulfillment centers. We continue to research, invest, and apply data and insights to improve safety in our workplaces. Prioritizing Safety From Day 1 From an employee’s first day at Amazon, we highlight and reinforce the importance of safety through our new-hire orientation program, which details safety expectations and policies. Helping employees understand how to use the equipment and processes designed to keep them safe through training opportunities—such as microlearning, just- in-time training, and learning by doing—is a top priority. This provides our staff with the chance to build safety skills and competencies on an ongoing basis. We provide continual training on topics such as body mechanics and fall hazards through routine reminders, alerts when logging on to a workstation, and messages in our mobile app for employees. Every operations manager also participates in annual safety training, reinforcing basic concepts like emergency preparedness and hazard identification. Smart Tech for Smarter Work We use technology to help reduce physical demands on our employees. For example, we provide our fulfillment center employees with intelligent, wearable safety items that can communicate with robotic equipment in real time. We also have mobile and vehicle technology to help drivers perform pickups, deliveries, and returns efficiently and safely. We are constantly evaluating new opportunities and learning programs to create innovative solutions in technology, robotics, and automation that improve safety across our operations. One major area of focus is using technology to advance driver-centric customization throughout our delivery fleet and bringing safety to the forefront of vehicle design. We are investing an incremental $100 million across our fleet in 2022 to bring innovations in ergonomics and driver assistance technologies. All Amazon-branded delivery vehicles are equipped with driver safety and comfort features, including active systems like automatic emergency braking, technologies that improve visibility, and alerts for nearby vehicles. In 2021, we piloted our custom electric delivery van, built in partnership with Rivian, in over 15 U.S. cities. These vans are designed with the human body in mind, and include 12 advanced driver assistance features that consider the safety and comfort needs of our drivers. We are also collaborating with drivers to develop vehicle improvements based on their feedback. Safety at a Glance: $300M+ Invested in safety projects in 2021 $15B+ COVID-19-related costs incurred since the start of the pandemic to help keep employees safe $12M Five-year partnership with the U.S. National Safety Council (NSC) launched to uncover new ways to prevent and address musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) Green Cross Safety Innovation Award Amazon was the 2021 recipient of the Green Cross for Safety Innovation Award, presented annually by the NSC 2021 Sustainability Report Introduction I Environment I Society I Governance I Appendix 59

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