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Nature-Based Investments in Communities Across Europe Nature can transform urban communities while also mitigating some of the effects of climate change, like urban heat, flooding, and biodiversity loss. Therefore, in addition to our work and funding toward large-scale carbon emissions mitigation through nature-based solutions, we are also funding smaller-scale nature projects in the communities where we operate. As part of our Right Now Climate Fund, Amazon has committed €20 million toward nature-based projects in communities across Europe. These projects will have robust, science-based environmental benefits for carbon removal and biodiversity, along with social benefits such as job creation and access to nature. Promoting Reforestation in Italy In 2021, Amazon committed €2 million to support Parco Italia, an urban forestry program that aims to plant 22 million trees across 14 metropolitan areas in Italy. This translates to one tree planted per city resident. Amazon’s support for this project will help cities become more resilient to climate change by increasing urban biodiversity, improving air quality, and promoting urban cooling. Urban Greening in Germany In 2020, Amazon committed €3.75 million to The Nature Conservancy’s Urban Greening Program in Germany, which promotes biodiversity, reduces urban heat islands, and improves stormwater management in the face of climate change. With Amazon’s support, the program launched in Berlin’s Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district in 2020. In 2021, the Urban Greening Program developed mapping and analysis for roofs, grasslands, and urban streetscapes for greening potential. Learn more about Amazon’s science-driven approach to carbon neutralization and nature-based solutions . 2021 Sustainability Report Introduction I Environment I Society I Governance I Appendix 19

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