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Board Diversity The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee seeks out candidates with a diversity of experience and perspectives, including diversity with respect to race, gender, geography, and areas of expertise. The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee includes, and has any search firm that it engages include, women, individuals from underrepresented racial/ethnic groups, and individuals who identify as LGBTQ+ in the pool from which the Committee selects director candidates. When considering candidates as potential Board members, the Board and the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee evaluate the candidates’ ability to contribute to such diversity. The Board assesses its effectiveness in this regard as part of its annual Board and director evaluation process. Currently, of our nine independent director nominees, five are women, two are from underrepresented racial/ethnic groups, and three have served for five years or less. Board Diversity Matrix Total Number of Directors 11 Female Male Directors 5 6 Number of Directors Who Identify in Any of the Categories Below: African American or Black 1 – Asian 1 – White 3 6 Shareholder Engagement We believe that effective corporate governance includes year-round engagement with our shareholders and other stakeholders. In a typical year, we will engage with dozens of shareholders, including our largest shareholders, two to three times. This outreach is complementary to the hundreds of touchpoints our Investor Relations team has with shareholders each year. We find it beneficial to have ongoing dialogue with our shareholders throughout the year on a full range of investor priorities. Depending on the circumstance, our lead director or another independent director may engage in these conversations with shareholders as well. In 2021, as part of our corporate governance engagement, we met with corporate governance representatives at shareholders owning over 35% of our stock (not counting the approximately 13% voted by our founder and Executive Chair) and responded to numerous letters from our investors. Our direct engagement with shareholders helps us better understand our shareholders’ priorities, perspectives, and issues of concern while giving us an opportunity to elaborate on our many initiatives and practices and to address the extent to which various aspects of these matters are (or are not) significant given the scope and nature of our operations and our existing practices. We take insights from this feedback into consideration and regularly share them with our Board as we review and evolve our practices and disclosures. 2021 Sustainability Report Introduction I Environment I Society I Governance I Appendix 76

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