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Mechanisms to Assess, Prioritize, and Address Risk We are committed to assessing, prioritizing, and addressing adverse human rights impacts connected to our business and we are continually working to improve our approach. At Amazon, businesses deploy a variety of mechanisms to do this. In our supply chain, we assess and respond to risk by leveraging internal and external data and guidance from external stakeholders, including industry experts, civil society groups, and NGOs. We engage directly with suppliers and their workers and conduct independent audits to verify compliance with our Supply Chain Standards. We also work with suppliers on appropriate remediation measures and offer partnerships and programs to help them address risks and invest in worker well-being. We recognize that audits alone are insufficient to drive long- term change across industries. We, like many companies in similar industries, are exploring new ways to encourage improvement in worker protections. This includes supporting suppliers’ efforts to improve their grievance mechanisms, supplier capacity-building programs, worker trainings, and collaborations with other brands and civil society. We currently focus our supply chain efforts on key commitment areas: Safe Workplaces, Freely Chosen Employment, Gender Equity, Fair Wages, Environmental Protection, and Grievance Mechanisms. Identifying Salient Human Rights Risks The UNGPs guide companies to prioritize the most severe risks to people connected to their operations and business relationships and are the foundation of our human rights due diligence approach. Teams use a variety of tools— saliency assessments, human rights impact assessments (HRIAs), and other human rights-based processes grounded in the UNGPs—to assess, prioritize, and address the most severe risks to people. In 2020, Amazon worked with sustainability and human rights consulting firm Article One Advisors to conduct our first enterprisewide saliency assessment, focused on identifying salient human rights risks across our business. We consulted a diverse group of external human rights experts, incorporated their feedback into the results, and benchmarked the results against internationally recognized human rights standards. The assessment identified a set of priority human rights values, three foundational commitments, and key salient human rights risks for Amazon. The saliency assessment was a key milestone in the development of our human rights due diligence strategy. Building on this work, in 2021, we made progress on our salient human rights risks and furthered our efforts to implement human rights due diligence mechanisms. What follows are some examples of how we assessed and addressed our salient risks, prioritizing our three foundational commitments. Learn more about our work to source products responsibly . Learn more about our approach to employee engagement ; our efforts on diversity, equity, and inclusion ; and our investments in workplace safety . Within our own operations, our central team focuses on human rights due diligence and collaborates with teams dedicated to assessing, prioritizing, and addressing human rights risks to our employees. These teams focus on establishing open communication with Amazon employees, providing them with meaningful grievance mechanisms, building a diverse and inclusive workplace, and keeping our employees safe. We know we have more to do, and we are committed to widening our lens to better understand the potential human rights impacts of our business. Meaningful Consultation with Stakeholders Opportunity for Concerns to be Heard and Issues Resolved Focus on Vulnerable Groups Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Safe and Healthy Working Conditions Modern Slavery and Forced Labor Fair Wages and Hours Freedom of Association Future of Work Right to Privacy Product Safety and Security Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice Human Rights Values Salient Risks Three Foundational Commitments Amazon’s Enterprisewide Salient Human Rights Risks Respect Human Rights in Our Supply Chain Empower Employees and Contractors Earn and Keep the Trust of Our Customers Strengthen the Communities We Serve 2021 Sustainability Report Introduction I Environment I Society I Governance I Appendix 42

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