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2021 ESG Report Healthy Planet Our Climate Action Strategy Changes to the Earth’s climate, including those that are driven by greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), can have direct and serious effects on our health and well-being. Reduced air quality can lead to more respiratory and cardiovascular disease. An increase of heat waves, storms, floods and wildfires can exacerbate illness and chronic conditions. Shifting climate patterns can boost the spread of allergens and infectious diseases. Poor agricultural conditions can impact food production. These consequences will be felt more heavily in some communities than others, depending on underlying health factors, regional variation and economic resiliency. It’s clear the health of our planet and the health of all people are inextricably linked. The scientific consensus shows that we can avoid the most severe consequences of climate change if we limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. CVS Health remains committed to the individual and collective effort required to bring global emissions in line with that target. It is an enterprise-wide commitment, accounting for our own direct emissions, the energy we consume and the life cycles of the goods and services we buy and sell across our full supply chain. Our goals Path to net-zero To ensure our climate strategy is both effective and accountable, we 50% are adhering to the best practices Reduce our environmental and the best science. In 2021, we impact by at least 50 percent finalized our commitment to achieve by 2030 our science-based emissions reduction target — a commitment that includes both near-term and 90% long-term targets. This trajectory sets us on a path to achieve net- Execute our SBTi validated net- zero emissions from our direct zero target, by reducing absolute operations by 2048, and across scope 1, 2 and 3 (value chain) our value chain by 2050. We are emissions 90% by 2050 also committed to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. In October 2021, CVS Health was among the first of 50% seven corporations in the world to have our target verified by the SBTi’s Procure 50% of energy from Net-Zero Standard. renewable sources by 2040 90% Achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 58

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