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People OPPORTUNITY Training and Educational Resources Third Place Development Series We are investing Starbucks success back into our partners. Training and FY21 Results: 22 Pour Over sessions have been designed and implemented educational resources are designed to recruit and retain the best people and to date. affirm Starbucks as one of the very best jobs in retail globally. The way we hire, Since the beginning, we have worked to build and provide a third place develop and advance our partners is critical to our journey toward inclusion, where everyone is welcomed and respected. The Third Place Development diversity and equity at Starbucks. Series empowers partners to create an atmosphere of warmth and belonging We believe in sharing our educational resources with those outside of in Starbucks cafés. Building on the 2020 model, Starbucks engaged its Starbucks as part of our commitment to lifelong learning and providing partners in early 2021 to propose and vote on topic ideas through an internal many pathways to opportunity. Starbucks Global Academy is a platform for crowdsourcing platform. More than 175 ideas were submitted, and 2,500 Starbucks partners, customers, suppliers and community members around partners voted on their preferences. The four partner-generated Pour Over the world to access world-class, open-scale learning content without barriers topics selected for 2021–2022 modules include: biases related to age; and at no cost. Operated in partnership with Arizona State University (ASU), biases related to weight; non-apparent disabilities, like multiple sclerosis, Starbucks Global Academy learners deepen their knowledge on key Starbucks chronic fatigue and chronic pain; and bridging the political divide through initiatives and advance their personal and professional goals from a library of conversation. Each Pour Over session averages 10,000 unique views. over 100 curated courses including our To Be Welcoming curriculum, Greener Apron and Starbucks Coffee Academy. To Be Welcoming Barista Basics and Continuous Learning FY21 Results: Over 87,000 course enrollments in To Be Welcoming courses 1 globally and nearly 37,000 course completions since launch. $ FY21 Results: 1.2 billion invested in onboarding, immersion and continuing Our commitment to equal opportunity means cultivating an environment education training programs for our retail partners. where differences are embraced and building a culture that fosters a sense We invest in key training and learning programs to ensure that store partners of belonging. In 2018, we worked with ASU to create the To Be Welcoming are equipped with the knowledge, skills and ability to provide a great anti-bias curriculum for our partners. In 2020, we opened this 15-course $ curriculum to the public, free of cost. Now, we are working to meet our goal experience for Starbucks customers. In FY21, Starbucks invested 1.2 billion in training programs for our new and existing retail partners to foster smart of enrolling 100,000 learners – partners, customers and communities – in onboarding and continuous learning. the program to help more people engage with difficult topics through The Barista Basics Training Program provides the initial training for a newly academically robust, objective and research-based content. hired barista on essential skills and knowledge required for the role. Using simple and intuitive tools, skills are taught through one-to-one delivery and on-the-job training. It is a highly effective learning experience for a new barista that quickly enhances confidence and competence in delivering customer service. Starbucks is redesigning Barista Basics to include additional training time for all roles as well as practice shifts. We are also working to expand beyond our 40 highly successful training stores in the U.S. that are dedicated entirely to training partners in this area. 1 The geographic scope of this data point includes all company- owned and operated markets globally.

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