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People OPPORTUNITY Greener Apron Starbucks Coffee Academy Starbucks College FY21 Results: Over 38,000 course FY21 Results: Over 136,000 course Achievement Plan enrollments in Greener Apron enrollments in Starbucks Coffee FY21 Results: 2,500 partners globally and more than 15,000 Academy globally and more than earned their college degree in FY21 2 course completions since launch. 55,000 course completions since through the Starbucks College Starbucks iconic green aprons launch.2 Achievement Plan. take on an even deeper meaning The Starbucks Coffee Academy is The Starbucks College Achievement through our work to give more than designed to explore the many facets Plan (SCAP) was created to help we take from our planet. We offer of the coffee industry and Starbucks more Starbucks partners realize every partner the opportunity to role as a leader in ethical sourcing, the dream of a college education. access the Greener Apron course. roasting, blending, brewing and craft. Partners who enroll in the SCAP The course is designed to give all The modular learning experience program receive 100% tuition partners the tools they need to allows anyone to choose their coffee coverage towards their bachelor’s champion sustainability in their learning adventure and to join us degree at ASU from Starbucks. stores, homes and communities. in our everlasting love for coffee. In The program connects Starbucks It covers a range of sustainability FY21, beyond the core curriculum, we partners with more than 100 topics and offers practical steps added ongoing learning assets that bachelor’s degree programs, all toward taking better care of the include video libraries, discussion offered fully online. This flexibility planet. guides, podcasts, brew guides and makes the SCAP program a game- origin maps. changer for many of our partners. Since the program began in 2014, “When I started working at Starbucks, I had no idea nearly 7,000 partners have earned that it would open so many doors for me.” their college degrees, and we are working towards our ambitious goal Gigi, an aspiring musician and daughter of immigrants from the of graduating 25,000 Starbucks Philippines who will be the first in her family to graduate college, partners from ASU by 2025. never thought she would be able to even attend college. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Gigi, now 24, grew up immersed in the arts. But creativity was just a hobby and the plan was to go to a four-year school and study business and hospitality. Until she couldn’t come up with the money. Through her hard work in the Starbucks College Achievement Plan with ASU, her life has changed. She is studying film and media and was even cast in the Starbucks 50th Anniversary national television commercial. And last spring quarter, Gigi earned a 4.0 grade point average. The future is bright for Gigi and the 20,000 Starbucks partners enrolled in SCAP. 2 The geographic scope of this data point includes all company- owned and operated markets globally.

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