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N O TI ADAPTATION C U D Our climate strategy includes adapting our operations to O NTR enhance resilience in the face of climate risk. Strategies include I preparing our facilities and associates for weather-related Y disasters, taking steps to enhance surety of supply in the face T of near-term disasters and disruptions and longer-term climate I N change and accounting for transition risk in business planning. TU R O P P ADVOCACY O Walmart has a Board-adopted climate policy and advocates for Y 1.5° Celsius-aligned, science-based national and international T I IL climate policies that are consistent with achieving net-zero B A emissions by 2050 and fairly and equitably addressing the IN A needs of all stakeholders. Walmart’s advocacy activities in ST U S FY2022 included: Y • Direct engagement of lawmakers, including to support the IT Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the climate N U provisions of Build Back Better. M OM • Engaging the public to make the case for climate action, C including through blogs, op-eds, articles and forums. Y • Working with trade associations and consortia to share our T I R point of view on climate action and influence their positions G E and actions. NT I & S • Supporting other coalitions and initiatives advocating for C I an enabling policy environment, including co-leading the TH E Retail Race to Zero campaign and representing the coalition at COP26. 29

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