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Waste: Circular N O economy TI C U D O We aim to break the link between NTR I consumption and waste as part of a Y movement toward a more circular T I N economy, aspiring to achieve zero TU R 41 O waste to landfill or incineration P P O in our operations as we work with Y suppliers, customers and communities T I IL to accelerate the adoption of circular B A IN packaging and products. A ST U S Achieving zero operational waste in Canada, Mexico and the Highlights Y United States by 2025: We diverted 78% of waste42 globally IT in 2021. Our efforts include addressing secondary packaging, N U unsold food and general merchandise, automotive waste M OM and unused assets. We are recycling corrugated cardboard, Percentage of waste42 diverted from C utilizing reusable packaging containers, recycling rigid plastics landfill and incineration: >7% 58% 827 million and plastic film, refurbishing fixtures, improving sell-through • Global: 78% • Mexico: 72% Global private- Global private operational food Y brand packaging waste diverted T • United States: 81% • Goal: 90% by 2025 I of food, donating food to food banks and other charities brand plastic R • Canada: 89% G and converting food that is no longer edible to animal feed, packaging made estimated to be from waste stream E recyclable, reusable through composting, NT compost or energy. I from post-consumer Percentage of sales with & 44 or industrially animal feed, S Reducing food waste in the value chain: We have set a 50% How2Recycle label: recycled content. C 45 I Goal: 17% by 2025 compostable. anaerobic digestion TH food waste reduction goal (by 2030 vs. a 2016 baseline); as • Walmart U.S.: 80% E Goal: 100% by 2025 and biochemical 46 of the end of 2021, we had achieved an 18% reduction. We • Sam’s Club U.S.: 84% processing. 43 engage suppliers through Project Gigaton™, the Champions • Goal: 100% by 2022 30

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