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N O TI C U D O NTR I Y T I N TU R O P P O OUR APPROACH TO PRIORITY OUR ESG PRIORITIES ESG ISSUES We prioritize the ESG issues that offer the greatest potential for Walmart to create shared value; these are issues that rank Y T high in relevance to our business and stakeholders as well as Walmart’s ability to make a difference. I For each priority ESG issue, we develop an ESG impact IL B thesis that articulates the relevance of the issue for society A Based on our most recent ESG priority assessment conducted in spring 2021, we have organized our ESG priorities into four IN and Walmart’s business, reflects an understanding of A leadership themes: Opportunity, Sustainability, Community and Ethics & Integrity. ST stakeholder expectations and defines our aspirations, goals U S and strategies. Through such disclosures, we aim to provide OPPORTUNITY COMMUNITY Y stakeholders with an understanding of Walmart’s shared IT value approach and progress. • Good jobs and advancement for associates • Serving communities N U • Equity and inclusion at Walmart and beyond • Access to safer, healthier food, products M To create change we: OM • Growth for suppliers, sellers and local economies and services C • Lead through business by embedding our ESG aspirations and initiatives into how we do business and • Disaster preparedness and relief Y work with teams across the company SUSTAINABILITY T I ETHICS & INTEGRITY R G • Collaborate with suppliers, NGOs, governments and • Climate and renewable energy leadership E NT • Highest ethical and compliance standards I others to transform systems at scale • Zero waste in operations, products and packaging & S • Strong corporate governance C • Use our philanthropy to extend the societal impact of I • Regeneration of natural resources: forests, land TH business initiatives and oceans • Engagement in public policy E Read more: Our ESG priorities • Sustainable product supply chains • Digital citizenship { 13 white box element • Dignity of people in supply chains • Respect for human rights

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