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N MANAGEMENT OF ESG and help shape the evolution of the ESG field to increase O focus on shared-value impact. TI C Leadership of ESG issues starts with our CEO—with oversight U D from committees of our Board of Directors—and cascades • Other groups, such as the ESG Disclosure Committee, O NTR across our enterprise. Walmart’s Chief Sustainability Officer help to guide and shape the company’s ESG strategy I (CSO) helps define the ESG agenda and provides dedicated and disclosures. Y management and oversight of Walmart’s global ESG initiatives Read more: ESG oversight and management T and goals. The CSO reports to our Executive Vice President { I N of Corporate Affairs and provides updates on our ESG agenda TU R and progress to the Nominating and Governance Committee of O P P the Walmart Board of Directors and to the Walmart executive STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT O leadership team. Board committees also have oversight responsibility for particular ESG issues. Walmart business leaders Our ability to create shared value depends on direct and Y frequent engagement with our customers, associates and T I shape and deliver ESG strategies relevant to their segments IL community leaders, as well as the people who supply our B and functions. For example, the Real Estate team leads A products, hold our stock and evaluate our performance. IN renewable energy initiatives and the People team leads human A Stakeholder perspectives and feedback help improve the ST capital initiatives. U relevance and effectiveness of the products and services we S Additional governance bodies and working teams include: offer and the initiatives we support. Y Day-to-day, we engage with customers, fellow associates, IT • The ESG Steering Committee, a management committee N suppliers, members of the communities where we operate U that meets at least biannually and is composed of leaders M from various departments throughout the business, and shareholders. OM C including the Office of the Corporate Secretary, the Additionally, our 2021 ESG priority assessment included Controller’s Office, Investor Relations, Ethics and extensive outreach to stakeholders, including customers, Y Compliance, Global Audit, People, Global Public Policy and T I associates, shareholders, suppliers and NGOs, to understand R Government Affairs and Sustainability. G their perspectives on which issues Walmart should prioritize. E NT I • The ESG department, led by the Vice President, ESG, & Read more: Stakeholder engagement S reports to the CSO and helps Walmart business leaders { C I prioritize ESG issues and define impact theses. The TH E team helps to improve ESG strategies, performance and disclosures; engage with investors and other stakeholders; 14

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