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N O TI C 12.3 10x20x30 initiative and the Consumer Goods Forum’s Date Addressing plastic bags: Walmart is undertaking multiple efforts U D Labeling Call to Action and Food Waste Coalition of Action. to reduce single-use plastic bag material, which we estimate O NTR accounts for approximately 15% of our global plastic packaging I Optimizing packaging and using labeling to help customers footprint. We have eliminated single-use plastic bags in Canada reduce, reuse and recycle: We joined the U.S. and Canada and parts of Mexico, as well as several states (Connecticut, Y Plastics Pact as part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s T I Maine, New York and Vermont). Since 2020, we have been a N initiative to create a circular economy for plastics. In 2021, 58% partner in Closed Loop Partners’ Beyond the Bag effort, which TU of our private brand packaging was recyclable, reusable or R aims to identify scalable alternatives to single-use plastic bags. O P industrially compostable, up from 54% the prior year, toward P In 2021, the consortium welcomed winners of the Beyond O our goal of 100% by 2030.47 In 2021, 7% of our private brand packaging was made of post-consumer recycled content, the Bag Challenge into a six-month accelerator that pilots Y 48 innovative solutions. T down from 11% the year prior, while our virgin plastic volume I IL increased by 3%, a headwind against a new goal we announced Engaging customers: We set a goal to have the How2Recycle B A to reduce our private brand packaging 15% by 2025 (vs. a label on 100% of Walmart U.S. private-brand food and IN A 2020 baseline). The decreased post-consumer recycled content consumable products by 2022. As of our 2021 reporting cycle, ST U S and the increase in virgin plastic are largely attributable to 80% and 84% of Walmart U.S. and Sam’s Club U.S., private-brand global shortages of post-consumer recycled content, which food/consumables supplier-reported sales respectively came Y reduced availability and increased prices substantially. We are from items carrying the How2Recycle label.49 We also offer IT N focused on helping our suppliers secure additional supplies our customers the opportunity to recycle, taking in >1.9 million U M of post-consumer recycled content and taking other steps, pounds of recyclable materials—including plastic bags and film— OM including overall packaging reductions, to get back on track. from customers in 2021. Additionally, we offer ecoATM kiosks C In collaboration with the Association of Plastic Recyclers, to make it simple and convenient for consumers to sell back Y we developed the Walmart Recycling Playbook, hosted a used smart devices; in FY2022, we collected 3.4 million devices T I 2021 Sustainable Packaging Innovation Summit and supported for reuse and recycling through ecoATM machines. Through R G E the development of Plastic IQ, a scenario-modeling tool, used philanthropy, we support programs to expand the availability and NT I by over 170 companies that represent approximately 20% of all understanding of how to recycle in the U.S. & S plastic packaging generated in the U.S. C I Read more: Waste: Circular economy TH { E 31

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