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01 Brand Attributes Our brand attributes are at the core of our brand. They summarize our promise to our customers, showing people not only what we do, but how we do it. Everything that bears the FedEx name should live up to these attributes. Simplifying It’s easy to work with FedEx. We don’t waste anyone’s time. Our procedures are straightforward, and our communications are clear. Optimizing Every FedEx customer has different needs. We find the right solution — and the right price — for each customer’s business. Inventive Global business constantly changes. So does FedEx. As we invent new solutions, we lead the way in operations, technology and e-commerce. Connecting FedEx makes connections. Our networks link people, packages and information around the clock and around the world. Certain Our customers don’t have time for “almost.” They demand certainty. FedEx delivers. Personal FedEx customers are people, not transactions. We get to know each customer and offer them the tools they need to achieve their goals. Go to > > Main > Brand Philosophy > Our Attributes

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