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2021 ESG Report INTRODUCTION A Message from Greg Carmichael and Tim Spence (cont.) Accelerating inclusion and diversity is another top ESG priority for Fifth Third, as evidenced by our being named a Best Employer for Diversity by Forbes. We have made signifcant progress on our three-year, $2.8 billion Accelerating Racial Equality, Equity and Inclusion initiative by delivering over $1.3 billion, 46% of the plan, by year end 2021. We also made progress on our six bold inclusion and diversity goals and have published our baseline for reporting progress. These include ensuring the diversity of our workforce refects the markets we serve and ensuring the leadership positions refect the overall workforce. In 2021, our tier one diverse supplier spend was $88.4 million, an increase of 17% over 2020, and about 9% of net addressable spend. See page 58 for these details. Our employees are our greatest asset and we invested over $2.5 billion in total rewards for our employees last year. We paid special COVID-19 bonuses to 7,500 employees, while providing on-site vaccinations, fexible work arrangements, additional paid time of and sick time as well as expanded back-up family care and support. We also announced a special equity award for eligible employees. In April 2022, we announced our planned increase in our minimum wage to $20 per hour, a frst among our peers. Concurrently, we announced a wage adjustment for our frst four job levels that are above the Bank’s new minimum wage. In total, more than 40% of our workforce will receive a midyear compensation increase. Under Greg’s leadership, we have been proud to lead in increasing our employees’ wages. We led the industry in 2018 by increasing our minimum wage $15 from $12 and we were among the frst to increase to $18. Our investment in employees led to Fifth Third ranking in the top quartile versus peers for employee retention in a leading industry survey. Our customers truly are the center of everything we do, and we continually invest in our ability to diferentiate our brand and deliver innovative products and services. During the pandemic, we Strong banks need strong communities— strengthening them is foundational to who we are as a Bank, and we are committed to being the catalyst for fundamental change. kept 99% of our branches open and made nearly 13 million outreach calls to customers to ofer assistance. We launched our award-winning Fifth Third Momentum® Banking in 2021, an unparalleled new approach to banking that combines the best of fntech innovation with the strength, access and human touch of a traditional bank. Our Express Banking account earned the Bank On certifcation from the Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund for safe and afordable accounts. Earlier this month, we eliminated all non-sufcient fund (NSF) fees for all consumer accounts. This was part of our deliberate multi- year strategy to reduce punitive consumer fees. We have the lowest revenue concentration in punitive fees among peers with signifcant consumer operations. Strong banks need strong communities— strengthening them is foundational to who we are as a Bank, and we are committed to being the catalyst for fundamental change. Our $180 million Fifth Third Empowering Black Futures Neighborhood Investment Program is key in that. Through this program, which is a part of our $2.8 billion AREEI initiative, we are infusing $20 million into each of the nine minority communities and working with community partners to execute tailored economic mobility plans in each. In addition, we provided $1.3 billion in community development lending and investments last year, $41 million in charitable donations with $6 million in employee giving, and we provided 4.6 million meals to fght hunger across our nation as part of our Fifth Third D ay celebrations in May. In support of our eforts, our employees logged nearly 100,000 hours of community service, many of which were dedicated to our fnancial education programs, which have now helped nearly 3 million people since 2004. Our Company also responded when war broke out this year in Ukraine. The Fifth Third Foundation made a $100,000 donation to the American Red Cross for humanitarian relief eforts, and our generous employees personally donated nearly $39,000 to support individuals in the war-ravaged country. Thank you for your continued support of our Company. We are committed to continued transparency and consistent progress in executing our ESG priorities . We are both excited about the future at Fifth Third and believe this will be our decade to accomplish even greater things. Sincerely, Greg D. Carmichael Tim N. Spence 5 Contents Introduction Ec onomic Environme nt Social Governance

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