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2.02 Monogram: Proper Use There is only one version of artwork for the Monogram. Use it for both positive and negative production applications. Whenever possible, apply the Monogram in color on a white background. When this is neither practical nor appropriate, apply the Monogram in white on a solid color background. Note Do not use the Monogram more than once on any application or surface. Clear Space To enhance the presentation of the Monogram, leave suf´Čücient clear space around it. The minimum amount of clear space is equal to 25% of the diameter of the size of the Monogram you use, as shown below. Minimum Size The minimum size of the Monogram in any print application is 0.25" / 6.35mm in diameter. Preferred version (positive application) Alternate version (negative application) Minimum size Monogram Minimum clear space: 25% diameter 0.25" / 6.35mm, shown here at full size Minimum size 25% 25% You may reverse the 25% Monogram in white out of any color in the approved color palette. 25% Refer to the Advertising Color Migration Strategy matrix on page 4.02 to determine color use in your market. B2B Print Advertising Version 1.0

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