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GUANGZHOU This facility showcases a sustainable urban farm that uses clean energy harvested SUBSTATION from elements around the substation, giving it a considerably smaller footprint Guangzhou, China than traditional farms. Mera Kitchen Collective Design Winners A Symbol for Paris, a Bridge for the Neighborhood Co-Creating Mera Kitchen Collective Guangzhou Substation Office-to-Residential Conversion Scorecard The Forever House Equitable Urbanism Discovery Winners Equitable Urbanism Neurodiversity in the Workplace Not Just a Load of Hot Air Quantifying Embodied Carbon Honorable Mentions: Candid Conversations, Designing for Justice: The Newark Community Museum for Social Justice + Center for Violence Prevention and Trauma Recovery, Urban Education: Understanding the Complexities of the BIPOC Student Experience, Momentum: Applied Research in Inclusive and Universal Design, Sustainable Shade Structures and Triple Bottom Line Sustainability Ambient Signals Delivery Winners Ambient Signals EU Design Centre GAP: Gensler Apprenticeship Program Honorable Mention: Diversity in Entourage 90 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 91

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