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A SYMBOL Reimagined as amenities within and between Celebrating the Parisian neighborhoods, these reinvented FOR PARIS newspaper kiosks become a catalyst for change, helping to bridge barriers between Research and Innovation neighborhoods and foster social cohesion. That Threads Through All Our Work The Gensler Research & Innovation Awards (GRIA) recognize individuals and teams within the firm who are pushing the boundaries of research, innovation, and experimentation. This year, the GRIAs were announced live to 6,000+ people across Gensler’s global platform. An external jury selected the winners out of 128 submissions. The GRIA platform has raised the caliber of our work, contributed to our brand’s reputation as a research-driven design firm, and has made a tremendous impact on our culture. For 2022, the program included three juries across categories: Discovery (original and applied research), Delivery (business and process transformation), and Design (systems, platforms, and environments). 128 Submissions 68 To jury 12 Winners 6 Honorable mentions 2022 GRIA JURY Discovery Jurors: Matt Ayres, Lead Research and Innovation, Microsoft Nick Watts, Chief Sustainability Officer, National Health Service Bisi Williams, Co-Founder and Chief Insights Officer, Massive Change Network Delivery Jurors: Timothy Ahrensbach, Head of Workplace Experience, LEGO Group Jamer Hunt, Professor of Transdisciplinary Design, Parsons School of Design Christiane Glanzmann, Global Expert, Laboratory Workplace Strategy, Roche Diagnostics Design Jurors: Ralph Belton, Associate Professor, Urban Architecture and Community Planning, University of the District of Columbia Jesse Bryan, CEO, Belief Agency Suzet McKinney, Principal, Director of Life Sciences, Sterling Bay Pascale Sablan, Senior Associate, Adjaye Associates, and Founder and Executive Director, Beyond the Built Environment 88 RESEARCH, TRENDS, AND IDEAS GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 89

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