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FIFTH + Fifth + Tillery reimagines a large warehouse as an indoor-outdoor creative TILLERY office building with solar panels, rainwater We’re leading the collection, and other sustainable design Austin strategies. industry toward net zero carbon. We are defining the roadmap for sustainable change in the building industry. Addressing climate change is the moral and business imperative of our time. Climate change — and its increasingly communities are built to withstand climate visible threat to people’s lives and cities change. The disconnect between these — continues to elicit a sense of urgency startling percentages reveals a profound everywhere. According to insights from opportunity for leaders in the real estate the Gensler Research Institute, 87% of and building sectors, given that buildings adults in the United States have been are responsible for some 40% of total personally impacted by extreme weather global carbon emissions. We know that events since 2019. At the same time, to bring about a more resilient future, the only 18% of Americans believe their building industry must act now. 96 GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 97

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