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The Gensler Cities Climate Challenge Environmental stewardship is at the core of our brand, and GC3 — or the Gensler Cities Climate Challenge — is our five-part roadmap for how we intend to help our clients reach their carbon targets and our goal of making every building in our portfolio net zero carbon. LEADING INDUSTRY PARTNERSHIPS As trusted advisors to 3,300 active clients, we create meaningful long- term relationships to address their aspirations, goals, and concerns. In the past year alone, we worked in more than 100 countries — even though we were in the throes of the pandemic. And we welcomed 740 new clients. SPECIFYING The message GREEN MATERIALS from the business To reduce the impact from embodied carbon, we’ve launched new guidelines for the materials we specify in all our projects. By January community is clear: 2024, our goal is to make sure every material our designers specify has Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) Disclosure or Global Warming Now is the time Potential (GWP) limits. for a global, coordinated action MEASURING OUR on climate change. CARBON IMPACT To improve our outcomes and reach our carbon-neutral goals, we first have — Gail Napell and Rives Taylor, Co-Directors of Gensler’s to be able to measure our impact. We must establish a universal and uniform Global Design Resilience practice method for measuring the operational and embodied carbon across all our DESIGNING WITH As part of our NFORM Ecosystem, we created gPlanet, a comprehensive projects. We are streamlining our data ENHANCED approach to resilience analysis consisting of industry-validated analysis collection from consultants to assess our engines, custom workflows, and internally developed computational operational carbon. To understand our TECHNOLOGIES software to enable our designers to achieve design resilience in real time embodied carbon output, we’re identifying on projects across the globe. accurate material quantities and assigning embodied carbon values to them. EDUCATING OURSELVES AND OUR CLIENTS To provide our clients with sound guidance, we must be a model for the industry by making sure our designers are trained and developed in design resilience practices. This fundamental shift in how we engage our people is necessary to impact every project, every person, and every place. 98 CLIMATE ACTION GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 99

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