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Our insights and thought leadership help our clients tackle tough problems. Gensler Research Institute at a Glance 180 Research proposals for FY23 JABIL GLOBAL With dynamic employee and client HEADQUARTERS experiences, Jabil’s new campus is a global hub and innovation launchpad St. Petersburg, Fla. that connects the company’s 70 180,000 employees worldwide. Research projects funded A combination of research, blogs, newsletters, social The insights we uncover with our research play a vital role 45 media, and other digital content give our clients an in unlocking the innovative design solutions our clients Grant projects understanding of the key issues facing the real estate and need to navigate a changing world. Research also serves awarded building industries. Led by the Gensler Research Institute, as the foundation for the content we deliver to our clients our proprietary research gives clients a closer look at the every week through our Dialogue Now newsletter, Client design challenges facing many types of spaces and places, Letters from our Co-CEOs, and our annual Design Forecast including those for the Workplace, Cities, Lifestyle, and publication. 17 Health. We also focus on issues of equity and sustainability Signature IP and how each of those issues is informing design projects awarded decisions. 80 RESEARCH, TRENDS, AND IDEAS GENSLER ANNUAL REPORT 2022 81

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