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Hiring Successfully in a Distributed World Tips for Evolving Your Hiring Practices and Improving Your Outcomes Remote jobs have a clear advantage over non-remote jobs when it comes to attracting both larger and more diverse candidate pools. But not all roles can simply go remote. And for those that can, the competition for talent remains fierce as remote opportunities become even more prevalent. So how can you adapt to ensure you’re filling your pipeline with as many qualified candidates as possible, as efficiently as possible – no matter what types of roles you’re hiring for? This report is packed with real-world examples that you can use to guide your own talent strategy and the way you advertise your jobs. But with so much changing in such a short time, it’s no surprise that very few companies have mastered hiring in a newly distributed world. That’s why we’ve translated our data and analysis into recommendations you can act on to grow your applicant pools, strengthen your candidate pipeline, and ultimately make your entire recruiting process more fair and efficient. The Talent Opportunities in This Data When in doubt, go remote The hiring advantage is substantial, especially as we continue to be in one of the tightest labor markets on record. If your organization has the ability to offer remote work, even only for certain roles, you should choose (and advertise) this option. The remote arbitrage might be strongest right now in non-tech roles Tech jobs have always had a higher potential of being remote-friendly. The arbitrage between remote and non-remote with candidates is specifically massive in non-tech roles such as G&A (finance, legal, HR, recruiting). These are areas where you can disproportionately save time and money hiring in this market by allowing these roles to be remote. In a remote world, the inbound pipeline is increasingly valuable As labor markets have gotten very tight, companies are looking to their inbound talent pipelines to help ease the pressure off sourcing, executive searches, and referrals. If you are hiring for remote jobs today, chances are you are seeing a more robust inbound candidate pool. Incorporating that into your hiring strategy can yield substantial time and cost savings. © Tapwage Inc 2022 25

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