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HOW WE CREATE ADVERTISING paper less 0.8” IN THE HONEYWELL STYLE Half Page Print Media Sample overall dimensions: 4”W x 10.75”L 3.1” Primary headline set in Helvetica Roman A short headline in all lower case is preferred. Global Arc in medium to high placement. Say goodbye to the hassles of paper recording, while holding on to the confidence of a per- We use a secondary, smaller image to support the message in manent record.Easily. Our 21CFR Part 11–compliant our ad. It is rectangular in shape and usually features images Minitrend and Multitrend Plus paperless recorders with Extended Security System let you focus on your work, confident your data is being captured securely. of technology. Validation IQ/OQ is fully supported with docu- mentation and templates that step you through the process—or you can engage Honeywell Services to do it for you. A host of complementary PC software Honeywell logo in Honeywell Red, aligned flush left with the tools enhance your productivity and efficiency from the very start. And with Ethernet copy and secondary image above. Allow one “H” height networking, customizable high-visibility color displays, and configuration software, Honeywell distance below text paperless recorders are designed to fit right into your environment. Go paperless, penless, inkless, ribbonless, file cabinetless—and worry free. Background color in Brilliant White from the Honeywell primary color palette. Call To Action Block Use as few words as possible to relay contact information, For a demonstration visit our website or call 1-800-343-0228. such as web address and toll-free numbers. Do not include © 2004 Honeywell International Inc. All rights reserved. personal contact information. Last line is the following copy- 1.0” 1.5” right statement: © 20xx Honeywell International Inc. Right justified 4.1/6 pt. Helvetica Roman, Black. 29

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