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Global Private Banking Energy Transition and Independence Financing Biodiversity Action can deliver attractive dividends but also The energy transition from high carbon Biodiversity is rapidly moving up the do so in a sustainable way. This way fossil fuels to a lower carbon mix of agenda and seeing many initiatives to try investors can get the benefits of fossil fuels and renewables has been and reverse some of the damage that we an attractive investment approach well underway for many years with have caused to our natural environment. aligned to the current investment solar, wind and other renewable sources The recent win by Luiz Inácio Lula da environment while also supporting a such as hydro gaining a bigger share Silva in the Brazilian presidential race is sustainable future. of the energy mix. Still, the transition a good example. This win was at least The Rise of S in ESG is in a relatively early stage with plenty to some extent a result of his stance of opportunities left. Grids, cables on the protection of the Amazon which The social impact of a company’s role and substations for example need to was in marked contrast to his opponent in the broader society is becoming an be updated to accommodate these and incumbent, Jair Bolsonaro. It was ever more important consideration for renewable energy formats and the a clear message from the people of investors. The pandemic was a key growing trend for residential renewable Brazil, echoed by those concerned trigger that brought the social side of energy generation also needs support with sustainability around the world corporate behaviours (good and bad) to and a framework to operate effectively that preservation and regeneration of the forefront of the headlines. Workers within. Likewise, battery technology our planet’s biodiversity are now a top who had been considered disposable and its wider infrastructure needs to priority. At the local level we are seeing were reclassified as essential and as be considered alongside these new a growing appetite for rewilding, refilling a result their bargaining power has considerations. The cost of clear areas of land with the natural gained ground. Inflation has now added storage is falling and global energy wild flora, native grasses, trees and to employee motivations and created storage installations are expected to flowers which we have learned carries a further drive within worker bodies grow exponentially from 33GWh in benefits to our natural ecosystem far for better pay and conditions. Train 2020 to 1055GWh in 2030 according beyond what is immediately apparent. strikes have been ongoing in the UK to Bloomberg. The biodiversity of our planet has been for example, as the unions there look The War in Ukraine has added greatly reduced in the last 150 years for a larger portion of profits to go to momentum to the energy transition and we are only now realising the roles the workers. In the US, calls for higher trend and highlighted the dangers and that many plants and animals play in minimum wage levels and resulting cost of being overly reliant on others for protecting our environment and keeping unionisation discussions have been domestic energy supplies. Europe, and it in balance. Policy and social demand dampened by some major retailers Germany in particular, have suffered is now building behind this theme, raising their pay and benefits beyond from rapidly rising energy prices boosting the potential of businesses the level legally required but this may and threats of blackouts. This gave active in this area. not last. What this means for investors governments globally a new reason to is that some companies will be better support and accelerate their sustainable Sourcing Income in a positioned than others to navigate the energy plans as a sustainable future is Sustainable Way mounting pressures from these issues. also a domestically generated future. With markets undergoing a significant Companies that perform well in areas Germany for example, saw demand for de-rating in 2022, investors are looking such as diversity and inclusion, and residential solar panels surge following for more stable investments that have strive to achieve equality as well as the onset of the conflict with sales in an income component to their returns. equity, will have the draw of talent, in the first 6 months of 2022 equivalent Through our theme of Sourcing Income turn resulting in better relations with to the total number for 2021. Overall, in a Sustainable Way, we have identified regulatory bodies and clients, and in a the trend of renewable energy expansion companies which have a stable stronger bottom line. is ongoing. foundation at the business level and 23

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