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Sustainability For Our For Our Creating Value For the For Our Managing Appendix at MetLife Workforce Customers as an Investor Environment Communities Responsibly MEXICO PRIVATE SECTOR Many of our products cater to low- and Better serving diverse groups ALLIANCE TO PROMOTE moderate-income families. These products FINANCIAL INCLUSION protect our customers against death, Several of MetLife’s products allow insured sickness or disability. individuals to easily connect with providers Along with our internal DEI focus, MetLife that share similar backgrounds, who look provides solutions to support diverse and like them and share their same language. Responding to an invitation from the accessible education and resources. We This is essential to helping everyone get UN Development Programme, MetLife start by doing our best to understand the the quality of care they deserve. Language Mexico co-founded the Private Sector diversity of our customers and then develop and communication disparities between and provide flexible and relevant solutions a patient and a network dental healthcare Alliance to Promote Financial Inclusion. provider, as one example, can result in The Alliance has focused on developing that recognize an individual’s specific needs. adverse health outcomes and treatment collaborative business models to Learn more about our products that serve errors. MetLife offers one of the largest expand financial health and inclusion diverse populations. national preferred provider organization for underserved customer segments. (PPO) dental networks featuring: Enhancing offerings for women • Enhanced benefits and outreach for higher- risk populations (e.g., people with diabetes The Alliance established four In line with MetLife’s focus on gender or hypertension); workstreams to provide access to equality, we are committed to meeting the • Health data connected to products, including and use of financial services: financial health needs of women, who are other employers’ non-MetLife offerings (e.g., 1. With a gender perspective; fast becoming key household earners. In across medical providers), to maximize usage 2. For small- and medium-sized EMEA, Women’s Protect covers cancer of all benefit opportunities; and enterprises; treatments, along with offering discounts on a variety of health and wellness benefits. • Robust health education and an integrated 3. For populations in rural areas; and MetaLife Mujer in Mexico and Seguro Vida dental and wellness program to promote oral 4. For financial resilience. Pensión 57 Mujer in Colombia offer special health and well-being. assistance for issues directly affecting women. 2021 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 31

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