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Sustainability For Our For Our Creating Value For the For Our Managing Appendix at MetLife Workforce Customers as an Investor Environment Communities Responsibly educate users on eco-friendly ways MetLife recently enhanced PlanSmart to In Korea, MetLife’s Mini Insurance products to manage their money, and we have better serve diverse customers. We created offer customers single-pay options that established an external advisory council a new workshop for the LGBTQ+ community provide one year of coverage for less than comprised of industry experts who that offers insight on marriage and family KRW 5,000 (~$4.25). We introduced Smart specialize in best practices for improving planning solutions, closing a retirement and Easy MetLife Mobile, an online platform financial health in underserved communities. savings gap, planning for long-term care that offers a simple purchase experience for and setting up an estate plan. six Mini Insurance products. MetLife Korea Upwise™ helps consumers prioritize financial hosted the “Donation with Mini Insurance” goals and suggests simple actions for them We also worked with several institutional campaign and donated KRW 10,000 for every to develop good financial habits, feel more customers to better use PlanSmart workshops mini insurance policy sold, where MetLife Korea optimistic about what their money can for their employees of color, while updating and MetLife Korea Foundation contributed do for them and free up the next dollar so other workshops to reflect comments KRW 5,000 each. In 2021, MetLife Korea sold they can spend it on what matters most. from our partners at OfColor. nearly 2,000 policies and donated a total of The app also engages consumers through KRW 20 million for the campaign. The donation personalized challenges that offer fun, Helping low-income customers went to Korea Society of Retired Fire Officers rewarding ways to help them achieve small manage finances with confidence to support medical treatment for retired fire wins that lead to big outcomes. officers fighting cancer. In India, PNB MetLife partnered with India ® Post Payments Bank (IPPB) to launch low-cost In the U.K., MetLife launched MortgageSafe, PlanSmart : offering tools to empower employees insurance. The government-backed product a policy that ensures mortgage repayments are provides a means of protection and financial covered when someone is unable to work due MetLife’s PlanSmart program is a multi- security to a large portion of low-income to accident or illness for four weeks or more. channel experience that focuses on behavioral and underserved customers—especially MortgageSafe offers three levels of protection, change, with tools and guidance that those in unbanked or remote areas. giving customers of all income levels an empower customers’ employees to build option to secure their most valuable asset. financial literacy, confidence and well-being. MetLife administers the PlanSmart program which includes broad transition solutions > from tools for individuals to financial education workshops provided by specially 1 trained third-party financial professionals. 1. THE FINANCIAL PROFESSIONALS PROVIDING FINANCIAL EDUCATION ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH METLIFE BUT ARE PROVIDING THE PROGRAM UNDER A SERVICE PROVIDER CONTRACT. 2021 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 30

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