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Troubleshooting + FAQs Can I include a CTA URL How can I be sure my ad is paired for my pre-roll video? with brand safe content? Yes. This can be done via the Creatives tab of We proactively vet and educate our publishers to Campaign setup, using the “Add a call to action ensure that only top quality, brand safe content is (optional)“ dropdown. shared on the platform and every piece of publisher content goes through multiple rounds of review before Are there different CTA options for my they’re deemed monetizable. See more below: brand to include? Algorithmic check Yes. You can choose from the following options: Our first layer of defense is advanced algorithms to • Visit ensure your ads are only showing before brand safe • Watch videos. We scan the videos and/or the Tweet text for • Shop any potentially unsafe content. • See Manual review • Go to Next, our human reviewers look through every single video in real time to ensure they meet our strict brand- What are the video creative spec safety requirements. If the content is deemed requirements? unsatisfactory, it will be removed from monetization Aspect ratio: immediately. A 1:1 aspect ratio is recommended as it will always Premium assurance render as square on desktop and mobile. This and To maintain the most brand safe environment possible, 9:16 (traditional vertical size) will take up the same we take the additional step of proactively training our amount of real estate onscreen — which is more publisher partners on best practices and brand safety than 16:9. Upon being clicked, a full screen player guidelines, and any potentially offending publishers are will open and fill any extra space with black bars. immediately penalized through our strike system by For vertical videos, desktop players will have black showing up at the right time in the right place on bars on the sides once the video begins playing. Twitter will drive big picture results for your brand. Mobile will crop the top and bottom of the video, Can I blacklist/exclude center, and autoplay without bars. publishers I don’t want my ad to Any aspect between 2:1 and 1:1 is acceptable, but run against? after 1:1, creative will be automatically cropped to Yes. This can be done on the Targeting tab of 1:1 aspect ratio. Campaign setup. You can exclude individual @handles Size: that you specify, or can select entire content categories Recommended video size is 1200 x 1200 pixels. that you don’t want your ad to be paired with. Minimum accepted sizes are 600 X600 for 1:1 Can I choose which Tweets my ad videos and 640 x 360 for all other aspect ratios. runs on? Note: If the height exceeds the width, the video will Before your campaign goes live, you can review your be cropped to 1:1 in the feed and will expand upon targeting, content category selections/exclusions, and being clicked. any @handles that you specified to exclude. Publisher + Max file size is 1GB. Tweet level pairing will be determined dynamically in real time based on content and active audience availability, and the ads auction. This cannot be predetermined. 27

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