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Measuring results Metrics in ads manager Key metrics Get real-time results any time by visiting the Ads Manager. to track There you can explore metrics like total spend, results, cost per • Pre-roll views result, and result rate. Keep in mind an impression is any time • Video Views your ad is shown on Twitter. • Cost-per-view Discover all the things you can do in our Ad Manager. Other metrics to track • Video completions Ad level: What Tweets are performing best? Are there any common Measurement studies: themes around creative and/ Additionally, you can run Brand Surveys help you or copy? If so, consider measurement studies* depending understand if your campaign is creating more Tweets like on your goals. Here are examples driving mass awareness by these to add to the of deeper measurements we have understanding the brand lift campaign. run for Engagements campaigns. between those who have seen What Tweets are your ad and those who have not. underperforming? Viewability Reporting helps you Metrics include Awareness, understand how many Recall, Consideration, and more. Consider turning these off. impressions were actually seen by a user. Metrics include In-View Marketing Mix Modeling helps Ad group level: Ads, Viewability by Quartile, and you quantify your ROI across Is there an ad group more. channels by using multiple marketing inputs on sales and performing better than Incremental Reach Measurement market shares. Twitter can help others? Why is that? helps you understand the support the data transfer from Audience level: incremental reach of Twitter your campaigns. Additionally, we beyond TV and illustrate the can interpret, contextualize, and What audiences are your added frequency or media impact analyze client results to identify Tweets resonating with of Twitter and TV. Metrics include recommendations to improve most? Incremental Reach on Twitter, performance. Cost per Reach Point, and more. *Study feasibility and availability of solutions and partners vary by market. Please chat with your Twitter Client Partner for more details. You can find all of Twitter’s measurement solutions here. 26

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