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Overview The Reach objective is all about maximizing the number of people who see your ad. Use this objective when you want Reach campaigns maximize (you to show your ad to as many people guessed it) the unique reach of as possible and also build brand your Tweets. Not only are you awareness or change brand able to drive awareness from lots perception. Consider Reach when of people, but you can do it cost you’re launching a new product or effectively. Plus, Reach is flexible, brand message, or trying to build so you can set campaigns to focus relevance around a certain on unique reach or reach-plus- occasion, topic, or event. engagements (likes, clicks, replies, and Retweets). Looking to maximize video views or engagement instead? We got you! Check out the Video Views and Engagement Objectives. Drive Efficient Reach Benefits A cost-effective way to raise awareness of your brand’s message. Optimized Results Campaigns auto-optimize for maximum reach or reach-with- engagements. Just select your preference, set up your campaign and we’ll take care of the rest. Spend What You Want Enable predictable pricing by setting a cap on the CPM you're comfortable paying. Flexible The Reach objective is compatible with all of Twitter’s targeting & ad formats. 03

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