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Reach Objective Playbook

Get more people to see your ads.

Twitter Objective Playbook Broaden your reach Get more people to see your ads.

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What’s covered Overview 03 Campaign Planning How to get started 05 Where your ads appear 06 Ad formats 07 Takeover products 10 Creative best practices 12 Campaign implementation Bid types 14 Audience targeting 15 Campaign pro tips 19 Setting up your campaign 20 Measuring results 23 Sources 24

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Overview The Reach objective is all about maximizing the number of people who see your ad. Use this objective when you want Reach campaigns maximize (you to show your ad to as many people guessed it) the unique reach of as possible and also build brand your Tweets. Not only are you awareness or change brand able to drive awareness from lots perception. Consider Reach when of people, but you can do it cost you’re launching a new product or effectively. Plus, Reach is flexible, brand message, or trying to build so you can set campaigns to focus relevance around a certain on unique reach or reach-plus- occasion, topic, or event. engagements (likes, clicks, replies, and Retweets). Looking to maximize video views or engagement instead? We got you! Check out the Video Views and Engagement Objectives. Drive Efficient Reach Benefits A cost-effective way to raise awareness of your brand’s message. Optimized Results Campaigns auto-optimize for maximum reach or reach-with- engagements. Just select your preference, set up your campaign and we’ll take care of the rest. Spend What You Want Enable predictable pricing by setting a cap on the CPM you're comfortable paying. Flexible The Reach objective is compatible with all of Twitter’s targeting & ad formats. 03

Overview Twitter’s cost-per-action pricing means you only pay for the results you’re looking to drive. For the Reach objective this Here’s how it means you’ll only be charged for works. impressions. Promoting a video? Keep in mind that Reach is the best objective for achieving reach and impressions. Not necessarily video views. This means videos will receive lower view rates than if you ran on the Video Views objective, but will be served to more people. In a Reach campaign, you’re only charged for every 1,000 Tweet impressions. What you pay per 1,000 impressions depends on your budget, bid, and the targeting you select. As part of this offering, you’ll get real- time bid guidance based on your targeting goals. We’ll get into more details on these in the coming pages. Pro Tip #1 Pro Tip #2 Higher bids receive more Lower bids have less unique reach. unique reach and a higher frequency rate (average number of times a person sees your ad). 04

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How to get started Things to consider Before you start, make a plan. Here’s a checklist of considerations that’ll help you refine your objectives and achieve the best results. What is your end goal? Who are you targeting? (Max reach, affordable CPMs, Core Audience, moving specific brand metrics?) Existing Connections, or Lookalike audience? What type of reach What creative assets are you looking for? do you have? Mass reach (takeover Do you have images, videos or products) or target reached a GIF? Are your assets (various ad formats)? optimized for the feed? 05

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Where your ads appear Home timelines Profiles + Tweet detail Top of search results Your campaign may be visible pages (Optional) Campaigns appear at within a person’s timeline if (Optional) When someone you’ve the top of select search result you have a Promoted Tweet targeted visits a Twitter profile or pages on and relevant to them (based on Tweet detail page, they may be partner products like Hootsuite. your audience targeting). eligible to see your ad. You can always customize where and if you want your Tweets to appear in search. 06

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Ad formats Recommendations Selecting Ad Formats for your Reach Campaign Twitter offers a wide selection of In fact, using the same single ad Image, GIF and Video ad formats creative (let's say a teaser video that can help your creative and for your new product launch) with campaigns stand out. Each format three or more ad formats can help comes with its own unique your message stand out in feed, features that can be used for driving greater awareness and different purposes. down funnel impact. Some for example, can help drive On the next page you will find a longer video views, others give list of the top performing ad you the ability to add question formats we recommend for the and answer polls to your image or Reach objective. We suggest you video ads, while others can take test them out when building your customers directly to your campaigns to see which helps website. Whatever your goal is, we drive the best performance for the have an ad format that can help. goals you care about. Best of all they can be used together to amplify your message and maximize the value of your creative. Using multiple ad formats increases the probability of campaign success When possible use Ad Formats to drive 3+the best results 07

Ad formats Promoted Video Promoted Video lets you promote a video from a brand's Twitter account. The video autoplays when shown in a person's timeline. Promoted Video is our most proven video ad solution, and drives brand metrics and sales. Stick to this tried-and-true ad format, or take it a step further and use additional features to achieve specific goals. Promoted Image Reach a wider group of people or spark engagement from existing followers. Promoted Images are Tweets that are paid for by our advertisers to reach a wider group of users or to spark engagement from their existing followers. These appear in your Home timeline, at the top of search results on Twitter and elsewhere on the platform, and are clearly marked as "Promoted”, but act just like regular Tweets and can be Retweeted, replied to, liked, and more. 08

Ad formats Video Website Card Capture attention with your best video or image content and drive people to your site or to take an action in the moment. The Video Website Card enables marketers to promote their website with video creative, creating a rich experience for the user, a continuation of the conversation started in the video, and more qualified site visits. Upon clicking on the video unit, the destination URL loads and the video shifts to the top of the screen and continues to play. The video then scrolls with the page. Promoted Moments Promoted Moments are a collection of Tweets you can place together in a storytelling canvas that's immersive and engaging. The format allows brands to tell a story beyond 280 characters. Image Website Cards leverage Twitter’s unique data signals and cross-device identity to reach key audiences and deliver cost-efficient clicks to your website and onsite conversions, across platforms. 09

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Takeover products Let’s say your brand’s about to have a big moment: launching a new product, brand message, or looking to reach a massive audience on a specific day (like a holiday or event). Time to tell e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e. When you want to reach a lot of people in a short amount of time, we recommend our takeover products. This is the best way to achieve quality reach at scale. Friendly Reminder: These must be purchased through your Twitter Account Manager and are not part of the the Reach Objective. Here are the takeover products we offer. • First View • Promoted Trend • Promoted Trend Spotlight First View Maximize reach on Twitter for 24 hours with exclusive ownership of Twitter’s most premium video impressions served at the top of the timeline and throughout the app. 10

Takeover products Promoted Trend # Place your brand at the center of conversation, by featuring your brand’s desired hashtag in the top Trending list within the Explore tab — where people go to see what's trending for the day. This high impact placement drives mass-reach, enables user discovery and scales your campaign across Twitter. It can also be paired with a First View to maximize awareness and reach across Twitter’s most popular surface areas. Promoted Trend Spotlight Want to make an even bigger splash? Upgrade your Promoted Trend to a Promoted Trend Spotlight in order to feature your brand video at the top of the Explore tab. There your video ad will be featured in the top position for people's first two visits of the day before returning to the Promoted Trend position within the Trends for You list. 11

Ad creative & copy The Reach objective can work with most of Twitter’s creative formats including images, GIFs, and videos. So what’s the secret to a good Tweet Ad? It’s quite simple... People respond best to compelling Tweets. As you build your campaign, we recommend you brainstorm creative ways to develop interesting Tweet content and engage your audience. We've included three good questions to ask yourself. A simple formula Your Brand @YourBrandHandle 1. What do you want consumers to think? [——— Active Statement ———] 2. What do you want them to do? Call to Action, or #Hashtag Video or Image 3. How do you want them to feel? 1211

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Ad creative & copy Creative best practices Ad creative is the #1 factor in driving sales. In fact, according to Nielsen, 47% of sales can be attributed to creative alone. After reviewing thousands of campaigns, we’ve put together a list of ways you can drive the best return for ads. Keep in mind, people also read text on Twitter (more so than other platforms) so it’s important to think through your copy and CTAs as well. Keep it short Grab attention Persistent Aim to keep videos at 15 quickly branding seconds or less to Use movement and show Video ads with clear logo maximize branding impact. talent in the first few placement drive 36% 15 second video ads tend seconds of your video. higher brand recall. Clear to see 3x higher Keep in mind that the branding should be completion rates over 30 video can be skipped after included within the first 3 second ads. 6 seconds.r 6 seconds. seconds of the ad, but preferably stay on-screen the whole time Strong visuals Captions + sound Short Copy 97% of people focus on off 90% of people read copy visuals on Twitter, so Include captions or text- on Twitter. The sweet spot make sure it’s eye- overlay so that your message are Tweets with 50-100 catching and features comes through without characters. your product or key sound. Closed captions and message. text overlays create 28% longer view times on Twitter and Average ROI is 1.8x higher for videos that don’t require sound to be understood. Source: Nielsen Catalina Solutions, 5 Keys to Advertising Effectiveness, Oct 2017 13

Bids Types Let’s talk campaign bidding You have two options when it comes to bid types: automatic cost or target cost. We recommend automatic cost bidding because it’s more flexible, cost effective, and updates based on real-time auction conditions. When entering your bid, consider control the daily budget you’re the value of 1,000 impressions willing to spend on each and let that dictate what you’d campaign. like to pay. We provide a Once your daily budget has been recommended bid (informed by reached, the campaign will past successful campaigns) temporarily stop serving until the which indicates the amount that following day (or until the daily will best help you reach your goal. budget is increased). You can Just note that if your bid is not also set a total budget for the competitive relative to other campaign. advertisers, your campaign may not serve. You’re encouraged to test your objective with a CPM bid in the Once your bid is set, you will suggested range. This range never be charged more, and often varies based on your times will be charged less. In optimization preferences. It may addition to controlling the amount also be higher during heavy you pay per action, you can also traffic events (like the Holidays). Keep A higher bid means you are more likely to win the in mind auction, which will then lead to more reach. But don’t forget, the more detailed your targeting is the narrower your reach will likely be. 14

Audience targeting Getting views is great. Getting views from people your ad will resonate with is even better. We’re all about finding the right audiences for your campaign. People come to Twitter to post more than 500 million discover what’s happening in the Tweets every day. This gives us a world, to share information window into people’s lives, instantly, and to connect with interests, wants, and what they’re people and businesses around doing right now. the globe. Twitter is where hundreds of millions of people With the Reach objective, you get access to Twitter’s industry-leading targeting features. Configure accordingly and you’re all set to go. Here are 3 targeting strategies we offer: Targeting types Core audience People targeted based on factors like demographics, location, interests, and keywords. Existing connections Reach people who are already familiar with and have expressed interest in your brand on or off Twitter. Look-alikes Discover brand new people with habits, interests, and backgrounds similar to your existing followers or customers. 15

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Audience targeting Core audience targeting Looking to reach the right people at scale? Start here. Core Audience targeting allows you to set parameters to find your ideal audience. Demographics Location Keywords Set preferences on Make selections Target or exclude age, gender, language, based on country, people who searched device, and more. state, region, metro for, tweeted, or area, or zip code. engaged with Tweets containing keywords. Conversations Followers Look-alikes Find people talking Reach people who Connect with people about your brand (or follow your brand based on the types of relevant topics) in real on Twitter. handles they follow and time to drive interact with. conversation across Twitter. Interests Movies + TV Events Choose based on Target people who See who’s interested what they’re into: Tweet about or engage in select festivals, hobbies, sports, with movies and shows concerts, holidays, etc. movies, and more. in a specific market. Pro Tip #1 While it’s always smart to target by location and device, we advise using only one type of audience targeting with each campaign. In other words, choose whether to target by keyword, interest, followers, behavior, and so on. This makes it much easier to track what works and optimize accordingly. All of our Demographic Audience Action based targeting tactics, Targeting tactics including Age, including Keywords, Interests, Gender, Location, Device, Follower Look-alikes, and Language, and Carrier will apply Conversations, a person can only to every person targeted in your be targeted by your campaign campaign. For our Interest and based on a single parameter, not multiple. 16

Audience targeting Existing connections targeting Yes, Core Audience Targeting is a big help in finding a large and relevant audience. But maybe you’re looking for a more specific group of people? Here’s where you find people who have already shown interest in your brand. People who’ve People who’ve seen People or customers visited your website or engaged with past you already know Tweets Target individuals who have Now you can retarget anyone These are the people you already visited your website. who’s watched your video, already know are interested. All you have to do is install liked a Tweet, or engaged Identify them based on Twitter’s pixel. with your organic/promoted emails, Twitter IDs, or mobile content within a certain advertising IDs. You can also For detailed instructions on timeframe. work through an Audience how to do this, visit our Partner to import existing Custom Audiences for Web customer audiences directly page that has step-by-step into your Ads account. instructions. Reconnect with them or exclude them to focus on new acquisition. Look-alikes targeting Core audience & existing connections Expand the audience you’ve that like, act, and engage the created using Core Audiences and way your existing customers do. Existing Connections using Look- This is the best way to scale Look-alike alikes. These are brand new your campaigns. audiences people Pro Tip #2 Have more questions about targeting? Visit our detailed Q&As on: Device targeting | Geo, gender, and language targeting | Interest and follower targeting | Keyword targeting | Custom Audiences 17

Audience targeting Other targeting tips to optimize your campaign Target with focus Creating campaigns with focused, relevant targeting means you have a higher chance to serve to audiences who are interested and likely to engage with your ad. Too large an audience will decrease the chances of the ad being relevant to users. That being said, targeting too small an audience will limit the users who are eligible to see your ad. Use the campaign forecaster tool within the campaign setup form to see if your targeting parameters are focused but not limited. Increase your reach Target people who are similar to your followers, who are Tweeting with specific keywords, and who have visited your website. Vary targeting between campaigns If you have more than one campaign targeting very similar audiences, your performance can suffer since your campaigns are essentially competing between each other for serve. Align Tweet copy with targeting For example, if you have one Tweet copy targeting males, and one targeting females, make sure the copy you use aligns with the different targeting parameters. Break out mobile vs. desktop targeting Mobile is a fundamentally different medium than desktop, characterized by frequent quick sessions and spur-of-the-moment spikes in purchase intent. Because of this, we recommend running separate campaigns each targeting mobile and desktop separately. This lets you test and learn the nuanced behaviors for each. Play around! One of the most important things you can do to drive continued campaign performance is to test what works for you and your campaigns. While it makes sense to run always-on campaigns, you’ll want to continually refresh and optimize your campaigns, given Twitter’s ever-changing, real-time nature. Remove low performing keywords, interests, and handles, and replace them with ones that are similar to the high performing ones. 18

Campaign Pro Tips The best way to know if your campaign’s working? Try things out. Start a few campaigns, one for each marketing initiative, so you can get a sense of what works best. Test, iterate, win. Below are some insider tips for maximizing your campaign’s performance. Start with auto Test various Experiment with bidding creative targeting Start with auto-bid to see Follow creative best Expand your audience how ads perform in the practices and, when targeting using: Look-alikes, auction. possible, vary creative (3-5 Keywords, Interests, pieces), copy and CTAs to Conversation Topics, and see what works best. Retargeting. Focus on the Monitor Your Out with the old winners bidding Pause or delete Replace under-performing Update bids for campaigns campaigns that continue Tweets and targeting with that are doing well & merit to under-perform after fresh alternatives a higher spend, or that are you’ve tried optimizing. close to but not quite meeting your goals. We’ve got Our technology automatically your back. serves your best performing ads to Don’t over optimize the people you want to see them. Resist temptation to over-optimise. Resist temptation to over- After edits, wait 2-3 days to allow optimize. After edits, wait learnings to progress. 2-3 days to allow learnings to progress. 19

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How to get started Launching a Reach Campaign 01 Log into your Twitter ads account. 02 Click "Create campaign" in the top right corner of your Ads Manager. 20

How to get started 03 Select the “Reach” objective when creating a new campaign. 04 Create a campaign name. This won’t be public. We recommend you use a descriptive name for ease in reporting, ie: audience targeted, creative, etc. 05 Choose the proper Funding Source and input your Daily and Total campaign budgets. Set start date and (optional) end date. • We recommend longer flights to achieve greater CPM efficiencies. Set parameters for your ad group(s). • Ensure to only select “Accelerated Pacing” if you have a very short flight with more flexible cost ranges 21

How to get started 06 Set a total ad group budget (optional). Select CPM bid type and bid amount. Target Bit or Automatic Bid. Select your optimization preference. Max Reach or Reach with Engagement.* *Note: Campaigns optimizing for Reach with Engagements can be slightly more expensive than max reach since you are optimizing toward a dual objective. Set up measurement tracking if applicable. (Check with your local Twitter sales rep to see what measurement tracking is available in your area) 22

Measuring results Key metrics Get Your Results in Real Time to track Once your campaign is live, you will be able to track results from your Ads • CPM Manager dashboard. There you can explore metrics like total spend, impressions, cost per impression, audience reach and average frequency. Keep • Total Impressions in mind an impression is any time your ad is shown on Twitter. • Total Spend • Total Audience Reach The default view will show results at a campaign level. Click on a campaign to • Average Frequency see results by ad group, ad, or audience. Here are some things to look for at each level. Measurement studies Additionally, you may be able to run measurement studies depending on the goals you want to achieve and campaign spend. Here are some examples of deeper measurement we have run for Reach campaigns. Campaign level: Ad group level: • Number of results • Is there an ad group • Results rate performing better than • Cost per result others? Why is that? Ad level: • What Tweets are performing best? Are there any common themes around creative and/or copy? If so, consider creating more Tweets like these to add to the campaign. • What Tweets are underperforming? Consider turning these off. Audience level: • What audiences are your Tweets resonating with most? 23

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Bids Types Nielsen Catalina Solutions, 5 Keys to Advertising Effectiveness, Oct 2017. Neilsen Brand Effect Data, 2017-2018. Figures represent percentage point lifts from Engaged group versus control group, and are from a minimum of five studies per brand metric. IPG Media Lab. “Why Twitter” Competitive Research, Kantar Millward Brown, 2017. Nielsen, DAN + Twitter Video Content Best Practices Research, May 2015. Kantar Millward Brown “Why Twitter” Competitive Research, 2017; Twitter internal data, “What’s In a Tweet: Text Analysis”, 2018. 25

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