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Bids Types Let’s talk campaign bidding You have two options when it comes to bid types: automatic cost or target cost. We recommend automatic cost bidding because it’s more flexible, cost effective, and updates based on real-time auction conditions. When entering your bid, consider control the daily budget you’re the value of 1,000 impressions willing to spend on each and let that dictate what you’d campaign. like to pay. We provide a Once your daily budget has been recommended bid (informed by reached, the campaign will past successful campaigns) temporarily stop serving until the which indicates the amount that following day (or until the daily will best help you reach your goal. budget is increased). You can Just note that if your bid is not also set a total budget for the competitive relative to other campaign. advertisers, your campaign may not serve. You’re encouraged to test your objective with a CPM bid in the Once your bid is set, you will suggested range. This range never be charged more, and often varies based on your times will be charged less. In optimization preferences. It may addition to controlling the amount also be higher during heavy you pay per action, you can also traffic events (like the Holidays). Keep A higher bid means you are more likely to win the in mind auction, which will then lead to more reach. But don’t forget, the more detailed your targeting is the narrower your reach will likely be. 14

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