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What’s Next Example High Ambition Net Zero Journey Emissions Removal Credits (Nature) Portfolio priorities today: Reduce our emissions Portfolio priorities today: Catalyze nature’s potential to remove carbon Reduction/Avoidance Credits (Nature & Energy) Removal Credits (Engineered) Portfolio priorities today: Fund nature conservations Portfolio priorities today: Spur innovation in engineered and renewable energy deployment today carbon removals In the coming years, Salesforce will continue to invest in carbon removal technologies and nature-based solutions via carbon markets. Ecosystem conservation and restoration are our top priorities for now because the global community has decades of experience with these actions. And ecosystem restoration can be scaled up massively; the UN counts 1 billion hectares of degraded land which Governments have committed to restore. The IPCC 6th Assessment report Working Group III on Mitigation lists a range of nature-based solutions that can successfully be applied, from agroforestry to regenerative agriculture, reforestation, and restoration of high-carbon ecosystems such as wetlands, mangroves, and peatlands. Science tells us we will also need engineered carbon dioxide removal technologies at massive scale by mid century. That’s why in May 2022, we committed to purchase $100 million of durable carbon credits from technologies that remove carbon from the atmosphere by 2030. The investment is a part of an initiative from the First Movers Coalition (FMC), a group announced by President Biden at COP26, which aims to harness the purchasing power of companies to decarbonize “hard to abate” industrial sectors. Advance market commitments like those from FMC members send a clear demand signal that there’s a market need which entrepreneurs will innovate to fill. 12 | A JUST TRANSITION TO A NET ZERO, NATURE POSITIVE WORLD

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