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Contributors World Economic Forum Frontiers Centre for the Fourth Susan Debad Industrial Revolution Consultant Frederick Fenter Sebastian Buckup Chief Executive Editor Head, Network and Partnerships George Thomas Greta Keenan Public Affairs Manager Strategic Impact and Communications Lead Participating journals: Saemoon Yoon Frontiers in Arti昀椀cial Intelligence Lead, Innovator Communities Frontiers in Batteries and Electrochemistry Frontiers in Cell Signaling Frontiers in Chemical Biology Strategic Intelligence Platform Frontiers in Computer Science Frontiers in Energy Ef昀椀ciency James Landale Frontiers in Fuels Head, Content and Partnerships Frontiers in Lab on a Chip Technologies Frontiers in Medical Technology John Letzing Frontiers in Medical Engineering Digital Editor Frontiers in Membrane Science and Technology Frontiers in Microbiology Stephan Mergenthaler Frontiers in Plant Science Head Frontiers in Systems Biology Frontiers in Virtual Reality Minji Sung Specialist, Content and Partnerships Production Centre for Nature and Climate Laurence Denmark Lauren Uppink Calderwood Creative Director, Studio Miko Head, Climate Strategy Sophie Ebbage Designer, Studio Miko Martha Howlett Editor, Studio Miko George Messer Designer, Studio Miko Acknowledgements The Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution – many from Frontiers’ network of scienti昀椀c would like to thank the members of the steering editors – and business leaders, from the group who adjudicated the top 10 technologies Forum’s Innovator Communities, for their impact and authored the articles in the report. Additional assessment of the top 10 technologies via the thanks to the other contributing academics “impact 昀椀ngerprint” surveys. Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2023 28

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